Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Svarionipremeditati Podcast #18 - Andrea Porcu

we have the big pleasure to present one of the youngest and interesting sardinian's producers of the italian techno scene on Svarionipremeditati Podcast Series - Andrea Porcu

Andrea Porcu (Sardinian - class '89), is one of those artists "do-it-yourself" who has found an outlet for his soul in music, first with the hip-hop, and later with electronics, thanks to the influence of many people who have been part of his life in that period.
His way of seeing music is large enough, between techno pieces, ambient pieces, then moved on emotional scenarios characterized by the use of the piano in many of his pieces, making listeners to imagine life scenarios that characterize them and emotions hidden.
All these emotions, symbolize the birth and also the main theme of his labels, the first founded in 2008 (ROHS! RECORDS-closed 2012), and the second one SOMEWHERE. founded with his partner Andrea Atzeni between Belgium and Sardinia in 2012.
Also in 2012 he founded the project 'The Smiling Strangers', an electronic band formed by two members only, to synths and keyboards' Andrea Porcu 'and drums and various agreements synth' Andrea Atzeni ', creating a unique style that combines sounds' ambient to sounds 'techno style all emotional, outlet and finding inspiration in the depths of Japan, in which' AY allocated label based in Tokyo, where they released several pieces.

Currently Andrea, is living in Sardinia (Italy)

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Etapp Kyle // Out Of Void
Iori // Magnetic
CUB // C U 1
Etapp Kyle // Empty Mind
Andrea Porcu // Rainfall I
Survex // S R X - 0 1 (Iori Remix)
Cassegrain // Palette
Morphosis // Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2)
Nax_Acid // Marilia

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