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Surgeon liveset at House Of God, Birmingham [27.05.1995]

Birmingham techno artist Anthony Child has rapidly built a solid and, to a certain extent, innovative catalog of minimal dancefloor techno since his Surgeon releases began appearing in 1991. Compared favorably with Detroit original Jeff Mills from his earliest Downwards singles on forward, Child's tracks have been a mainstay in the popular Motor City DJ's sets. Although Surgeon releases have worked an increasing affectation for acid and trance, an economy of sound and basic hardness combine his and Mills' sound.
A noted and increasingly popular DJ himself, Child grokked his skills from hip-hop and electro jocks ("Tour de France" is a mainstay of his DJ sets), filling out his style with a driving toughness and appreciation for rapid cutting and flipping. Surgeon's entry into production was also noteworthy; urged on by producer Mick Harris (Child is a fan of Harris' Scorn project), the former Napalm Death drummer locked Child in his tiny studio, imploring him to "go mad." The result, the self-titled debut EP, was released on Downwards, and was instantly hailed as some of the highest quality U.K. techno of its time. Releases for Soma, Blueprint, Ideal Trax, and the ultra-exclusive Tresor label followed, with the debut LP, Basic Tonal Vocabulary, appearing on Tresor in 1997. Balance followed in 1998, as did Force & Form in 1999.
More recent additions to his repertoire include releases on his Counterbalance imprint as well as collaborations with Regis as British Murder Boys, resulting in tracks which take a tone far darker, denser, and more industrial than those from his Tresor years.
Equally influenced by early electro-pop innovators like Tomita and YMO, experimental groups like Can, Faust, and Suicide, and the tough grit of American electro and techno (Robert Hood, Hashim), Surgeon's mash-up is both straightforward and subtly experimental. Further influences from Coil, Psychic TV, and Whitehouse in recent works and DJ appearences do not go unnoticed.

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Kraftwerk - Tour De France
Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise
The Martian - Star Dancer
DJ Hell - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke Remix)
3 Phase Feat. Dr. Motte ‎– Der Klang Der Familie (F.U.S.E. Mix)
Royal House - Can You Party
Maurice - The Is Acid
Surgeon - Magnese
Planetary Assault Systems - In From The Night
Surgeon - Move
Jeff Mills - The Extremist (Original Mix)
locked groove from Jeff Mills - Cycle 30
Jeff Mills - The Extremist (DNA Mix)
Jeff Mills - Solid Sleep
The Wildchild Experience - Bring It Down (Distorted Dub)
Unknown - Neil Landstumm? Ian Pooley?
Cyrus - Enforcement (Mills mix)
Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent)
The Subjects vs. Jeff Mills - Dark Matter
Jeff Mills - Wrath Of The Punisher
The Subjects vs. Jeff Mills - Beyond
X-103 - Curse Of The Gods
Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio mix)
Luke Slater - Quad - Fonik
Jeff Mills - Phase 4
Cristian Vogel - Sub Version (Directional Force mix)
Luke Slater - Mauve Violin
Underground Resistance - The Seawolf
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea

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