Friday, November 09, 2012

Peter Van Hoesen at Electric Deluxe Podcast 082

When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he's been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene as DJ and producer since 1993, he's considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin' techno to advanced abstract electronica. His tracks and remixes have been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as through Meakusma, Ostgut Ton, CLR, Hotflush, Exone, Token, Komisch, Lan Muzic, Curle and many more. He's active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre. Peter currently lives in Berlin.

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Sendai - Win Trepsit / Brief Delay
Phoenecia - Aunt Alice
Object - Folk Four
Datasette - Just a Silly Phase & Robert Lippok - Bouncingform
Rene Hell - Juliard Op. 66
Front 242 - Art & Strategy
The Klinik - Suffer in Silence
Nine Cirkles - Twinkling Stars
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (Alternate version)
Autechre - Maphive6.1
Kangding Ray - Leavalia Scheme
Appleblim - Gold and Silver
Sei A - You can Bring

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