Monday, November 26, 2012

D'Arcangelo #Moog#033

Mixing neo-electro, minimal techno and other flavors of underground dance music, D’Arcangelo consists of twin brothers Fabrizio and Marco D’Arcangelo. Lovers of new wave and dark synth pop, the twins met the likeminded Max Durante and formed Automatic Sound Unlimited. The project premiered in 1992 with the Roman’s Attak EP and lasted two years before it dissolved.
Two years later the twins would cement their status with a self-titled EP on Rephlex, a fitting home alongside hero and influence, Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin. With their appreciation of noisy synths, D’Arcangelo fit perfectly with the label’s idea of a “Braindance” movement and the dislocated dance music that defined it. Another EP for Rephlex and half of a split 7″ on the Suction label appeared before the debut full-length, Shipwreck, arrived in 1999. A bit less noisy were 2002′s second full-length for Rephlex, Broken Toys’ Corner, and that year’s remix EP for White Leather, Corner. They appeared on Rephlex’s limited-edition soundtrack to the video game Manhunt in 2004, then returned to their slow pace by waiting till 2006 for their next release, the Pro 188 EP.
With the duo back on a roll, the full-length Eksel landed in 2007 follwed by a some remixes an EP for 030303 records “Cradle and GO!” and their Rephlex album “The Album”.

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