Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cassegrain at Invite's Choice Podcast 080

Cassegrain originated via a chance meeting at the Red Bull music Academy in Barcelona. The project explores the ground between dark, raw techno and UK influenced sounds. For the A side of their debut 12" on Mikrowave, the pair worked with dubstep luminary Benga, who provided his vocals for the first time. Cassegrain's second 12" ('Dropa' EP) is out now on one of the most essential labels operating within techno, Prologue, and has been gaining support across the board from the likes of Speedy J, Lucy, Cio D'Or, Edit Select, Peter Van Hoesen, Terence Fixmer and many more.

+++ tracklist +++

Dino Sabatini- White Witch
Svreca - Hagatan (Rodhad remix)
Cassegrain - -
Truss - Auden
P.A.S. - Deep Heet Vol 3
Alien Rain - Alienated 2B
NX1 - NX104_012
Dimi Angelis Jeroen Search - A2
Donato Dozzy & Giorgio Gigli - Real Love EQ-Italy
Cassegrain - -
Rrose - 23 Lashes
Moerbeck - The Raven
Stallion - Stallion 1
MPIA3 - Mountains of Ash
Shadows - Distorted Images (Mike Parker Remix)
Skirt - Tumulto (Shifted Remix Part One)

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