Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aiken - Rising Podcast #005

Aiken is a Spanish artist born in the mid 80's influenced by different sources such as Detroit techno / Berlin or music manufactured in the UK.
As a DJ, his sets cover a wide variety of sounds that can range from the more pure techno to the deepest or electro and IDM.
In his work on the study, and in his role as a DJ, Aiken is open to multiple styles but his early productions are mainly influeced by the Motor City sound. His debut came in 2010 with the EP "Lost Origins" on the label Suspiria Digital, owned by 50% of Exium techno duo. This release has been followed by other labels such as Outer Heaven Records Label, Irdial and Science Label. 2011 will be a good year for this young artist.

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+++ tracklist +++

donor – argon / semantica
abdulla rashim - asayita / arr
ad/s - avn#003 / avian
surgeon - those who do not / dynamic tension
aiken - third balance/ m_rec ltd
walker, kennedy - parity function / inner surface music
cassegrain - palette / m_rec ltd
rodhad - newspeak / dystopian
developer - tiburon / gynoid audio
truncate - transients/ truncate
phase - binary opposition (inigo kennedy process) / token
jerone search, dimi angelis - monopole / a&s
phase - binary oppostion / token
basic soul unit - soulspeak(shed remix) / dolly
untold - motion the dance / hemlock

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