Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soluxion Record Showcase at Italiansgroove Radio Show

Soluxion Records is the product of four minds, Dubit, Uden, Santhiago and Blacksun, that it's divided in two part: Soluxion Records Netlabel and Limited. The project starts off from the development of experimental music up to more mad regular beats.
This is the fundamental of the label: not only Minimal music but also Techno, experimental, IDM, Electronic. The idea is to research, musically, a very different genre which enters our lives through the listening of always new genres. Soluxion Records wants to spread, play and listen to different kinds of music which they hope they can be impressive for the people who listen to them by giving their detailed imprint to the above said, so they leave to whom is listening the surprise of discovering the pleasure of moving and the taste of the listen, by filling the music with emotions and new vibes.

This is what Soluxion Records creates, gives and plays.

ALHEK is Alessandro Sisti, a producer, sound designer and mastering engineer from Italy. His first approach to electronic music production was in the early 2000. For few years he left the production, but in 2008 he returned and attended a course in sound engineering in Rome to improve his professional skills.
After working as sound engineer in various projects, he decided to come back to electronic music production, getting to work with some labels and producers from all around the world. At the begin of 2012 he released his first solo album as"ALHEK" called "Work One" produced by Neurotraxx Recordings. Afterwards he get contacts with important records label such "Genesa Records" and "Soluxion Records" where he released several works, both original and remixes, also in collaboration with Dubit.

+++ tracklist +++

Forward Strategy Group - Cultivar
Conrad Van Orton - Strepto (Unbalance remix)
Alhek - Unsolved issue
Rrose - Waterfall
Alhek - Undefined border
Alhek - Imperfezione 3
Alhek - Axis
Endless - Clearing
Erphun - Brood1
Dubit - Phlox
Octave & Octogone - Bucket
Reagen - Metro
Ixel - Plekta
Alhek - No duty
Xhin - Incidental
Alhek - Recta
Alhek - Vacuum 2

Alfeo Pier, a.k.a. Dubit was born on September 21st 1985 in Molfetta (Ba), Italy.
Born from the meeting between the sound design, the techno and IDM, the project Dubit ranges from dub techno to industrial and intends to preserve the groove as a stimulus to the movement by creating melody with dynamic percussion, clicks and glitch influences.
The intent is to tell a story upsetting the canons with atypical changes but direct. The creation of the sound has no limits: from hardware to software,from analog to environment recordings. Potentially all the elements that we use in life are instruments for our music.
Always involved in new types of live performance act with the use of midi controllers and microphones, owner of Soluxion Records [] he lives in Berlin and is active playing in Europe.

+++ tracklist +++

Velovr - Human Heart (Ground Loop Remix)
Ducerey Ada Nexino - Encounter Signal
Alhek - The middle of nowhere LP (Dubit Concept Mix)
NX1 - SR2
Radiohead - Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
Dadub - Hadean
Dubit - Mister-y
Aux_id - Burian
Velovr – Human Heart
Nils Mohn - Mekanik (Bjoern Torwellen Remix)
Gabeen, Tosi - Fejek A Porban (Raven Remix) + Ixel - Metal (Original mix)
Perc & Lucy - LX4
Ducerey Ada Nexino - Pollenshed
The Noisemaker - Test ha
Alex Bau - Trikeracing
Perc - Hepta
Alhek - Imperfezione 1
Conrad Van Orton - Birth 0.1
Velovr - Mechanic Heart
Untold Concept - Afraid Of Mirrors
Denis Underground - Bunker

Aldo Di Nauta aka Uden was born June 18th 1986 in Ischitella (FG), Italy. His principal activity is the DJ. At the age of 18 he went to live in Bologna. Impassioned for a long time to the most electronic sonorities and inspired by house's groove, he founds in Bologna the sound that currently proposes in his djsets: a mixture of deep, techno and minimal, also influenced by artists as Alhek, Scalameriya, Perc, Sasha Carassi, Stimming, Burial, Svreca, Dubit, Marcel Dettman and Labels as Genesa, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Semantica, Mote Evolver, Phobiq, Analytic Trail. However, Uden is fascinated by Netlabels's world and he plays a lot of tracks in Creative Commons license. During the permanence in the north Italy there was born a lot of collaborations with clubs and staffes, and the greatest satisfaction is the realization of Soluxion Records, a project that involve four chins prepared to make electronic music their winning weapon. These four brains are Dubit, Santhiago, Blacksun and Uden.

+++ tracklist +++

Michele Zanco – Metha Morphism
Yoma, Ducerey Ada Nexino – Herpen (Yoma rmx)
Jems - Intuicion Exponencial
Insect Elektrika – Anastazy (Modes rmx)
Shifted – Spire
Dubit – Zinnia
City of Machines – Salvia (Blacksun rmx)
A.Picon – Trials (Astronomical Telegram rmx)
Alhek – The cave
Kanding Ray – Oise
NX1 – DR (Aiken rmx)
Marcel Dettmann – Deluge
Scalameriya – Gluttony
Unorace – Strong as a horse
Blacksun – Supercoil (Scalameriya rmx)

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