Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scan 7 - The Resistance EP [TRESOR 255]

Synonymous with Detroit, Techno, and Tresor, Scan 7 have remained protagonists of the Berlin-Detroit axis since it was first forged in the sweaty obsidian of the club’s original Wertheim vault home. Now, over 20 years later, the masked techno collective pay tribute to the triptych’s matted histories on ‘The Resistance EP’.
With identifiable nods to Scan 7’s Underground Resistance affiliations – the label that launched the group, and whose militaristic and political philosophies can be found littered throughout their discography – the EP begins with quintessential Detroit strings and groove before delving into darker techno territory. On the A-side, “The Resistance” offers an uplifting and delightfully nostalgic jaunt through dance music past, using all those favourite and immortal house tropes to deliver instant gratification. Meanwhile, the B-side shows off Scan 7 as masters of warm, yet shadowy techno – plus their trademark drum work – in the hypnotic “Why Not?” and driving, basement-ready “In & Out Of The Groove”.
Alongside many outings on Tresor’s renowned compilation series, Scan 7 produced two albums for the label – ‘Dark Territory’ in 1996, followed up by ‘Resurfaced’ in 1999 – before leader TrackMasta Lou’s Cratesavers Muzik took over as the group’s primary recording outlet. ‘The Resistance EP’ is a welcomed return to Tresor from one of its stalwart artists, and paves the way for a retrospective compilation on 20 years of Scan 7, due out at the close of the year.

Scan 7 is a mysterious techno collective in Detroit consisting of seven artists. The group always wears masks when performing. Originally born in the late 80′s, SCAN 7′s first release, “Voices Beyond”, came out on the Submerge compilation, “Escape Into The Void”. Next, he unleashed projects such as, “Introducing SCAN 7″ and the “Undetectable EP” both on Underground Resistance, and an exclusive “S.I.D.” EP entitled, “Invisible Thoughts”.
In the late 90′s TrackMasta Lou’s made contact with Europe’s most respected European label, Tresor Records – Berlin, through Blake Baxter and through a liaison with Dimitri Hegemann (owner of Tresor & credited for introducing Detroit Techno To Europe) TrackMasta Lou released many rare recordings on the Tresor compilations. Later TrackMasta Lou put out two collectable albums with Tresor, “The Dark Territory” and the “Resurfaced” album. Both were laced with a deep dark dose of classic Detroit Style Techno, and embedded with the imprints of the SCAN 7 trademark drums. Other labels that SCAN 7 has released material on: Underground Resistance, Soma, Fcom, End to End, Elypsia, and Pow Wow Records.
In 2012 Scan 7 is in his 25th year of active sounddevelopment and you can expect to hear some hidden tracks within his lap of honour.

Scan 7 liveset at Rex Club - Paradise Massage [02.14.2002]

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