Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Prologue Special - Claudio PRC & Svart1 - 111 (live and unreleased)

Claudio PRC aka Claudio Porceddu

Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for Claudio PRC. Raised in a small Sardinian town (Italy), he has always been in close contact with all kinds of music, but the influences received by the strong Techno wave coming from Detroit and the special attractions for Concrete and Electroacoustic music definitively marked the development of his current musical ideology. The experiences that derive from his personal observations in the field of electroacoustic music are combined with the continuing study of lean and simple rhythmic structures. His feelings and adventures turn into deep and hypnotic atmospheres that are intertwined with abstract and sharp rhythms. Claudio currently releases music on German label Prologue and also appeared on labels such as Aconito Records and Stroboscopic Artefacts. His DJ sets are characterised by the same concept that distinguishes his music, and range from complex Ambient to sophisticated Techno.

Svart1 aka Raimondo Gaviano

Svart1 is Raimondo Gaviano, who works in the fields of Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, live-performance and video. He is a collector of sounds and noises, which are the basis of his music.
He generates it from field-recordings, syntheziser, guitar, dulcimer, pc or other interesting stuffs. He currently lives and works in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Based in Cagliari, but with frequent international Svart1 is one of the few dark-ambient musicians that starting from Sardinia was able to have a gig in May 2009 in one of the most popular European club of industrial music, the "Gyari" Club of Budapest for "HYPERBOREA" Festival with SCIVIAS. Returned to his native Cagliari was guest of the two major festivals of electronic music and culture of Sardinia in 2009 "MUSICINTOUCH" and 2010 "SIGNAL FESTIVAL". In 2011 was in Zagreb, Croatia at "Tvornica Culture" for his gig "DER SCHNITTER" first tape release party and in March 2012 in Prague, Czech republique at "Cafe V Lese" with FUCK TV and SWF.

His sounds, nordic-style typically, are the result of a microcosm of dark and gloomy sound characterized by minimal movements between low evolutionary where used in a thunderous, metallic roar, shadowy presences that materialize sound, like the experience and the feeling of alienation between dark presence floating around the ears of the unconscious passenger.
In 2009 he released with the German label Skullline a cd-r split called "Spring Wind Brings water" with American neo-folk artist Shattered hand. On 2010 is his first professional cd-r with Romanian Valse Sinistre label "Non tutto ciò che tace è morto". The cd-r originally printed in only 100 copies is already in its third reprint, confirming the goodness of his dark debut. In 2011 is his first industrial-noise 60 copies tape release "DER SCHNITTER" for Transilvanian "MASKOFTHESLAVE" records. Also in 2012 his -PRAHA- live set was released in 30 copies for Bosnian label "MRTVAJA RECORDS".
As visual artist working with performance, videos, sounds and photography, Svart1 investigate the confrontation to otherness and its inter-thematic using
nature beauty, social yokes, dominant/dominated relationships, codes and what happens to them out of their context; gender and its limits and ambiguities, issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin, or yet the identity, status and image of humanity. A new decadent era.

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