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process part series: new podcast by with Ryba /325 and Radere /326

Modyfier is an Artist’s platform: it’s an idea acting as energy, it’s an experiment in accrual (as a collection), it’s an attitude that rides creativity and freedom. The Process Series relies on referral as people who participate each suggest someone else, creating its form, shifting in directions I would not be able to steer alone.

Radere is Carl Ritger, a sound artist from Philadelphia who is currently living and working in Colorado. Inspired by the notions of stasis and chance, he has explored the fusion of organic sound sources and digital processing techniques since 2003, releasing works for a range of labels, including Full Spectrum, Moodgadget, basic_sounds and Futuresequence, among others. Largely avoiding synthesis in favor of loops and live instrumentation, Ritger's work blurs guitars, tape recordings and electronics into a densely textured wash of sound, burnished with carefully sculpted distortions and location recordings.

This space largely collects works in progress and off-the-cuff improvisations, along with the occasional finished piece. Please visit my Bandcamp shop - listed below - for a full selection of my releases.

Ryba (Kate Lyasheva) has started her carrier in 1995 as a professional dancer and was part of the teenage rock-band as a lead singer. In 2000 she became one of the founders of "Back Up " Advertising Production agency specializing in event organization and promotion. During five years of work at the agency "Back up" organized and conducted numerous successful projects like Concerts, Music Conferences , Festivals and Events dedicated to electronic music. Having passion for music all her life and working in the Event production industry Ryba was looking for some kind of output of her own ideas and concepts Next logical step was to perform and Katya started to Dj .
Immediately gaining popularity and attention from public and Moscow clubheads . Katya started to tour in Russia , Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and US in 2009 where she performed at famous Amoeba record store in Hollywood. Her sets are carefully crafted with intelligent layer of electronic dance music ,Dub,Techno,House and everything in between.
At the present time Katya also organizes events with her friend Yuka as "Habits Die". HD promo group features electronic Music events in Moscow with numerous Foreign and Local artists .You can see her play on Internet radio station RTS.FM on regular basis and in leading clubs in Moscow and Berlin.

modyfier aka rayna deniord

There is a curiosity that lives inside Rayna and it drives her hard. Interested in where ideas come from and how to best catch them, she throws a wide net when casting. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, she moved to the Bay Area in 2000 to pursue her Masters in Design at California College of the Arts. Detoured by motherhood and the opportunity to work with designer Martin Venezky of Appetite Engineers, she learned to trust in the practice of intuition and how to balloon imagination through questioning. Fueled by this inquiry, she returned to the field of Landscape Architecture and has been working with San Francisco based CMG Landscape Architecture since 2004, designing, managing and overseeing construction on projects including the SF MoMA Sculpture Garden, Pacific Overlook in San Pedro and most recently, Facebook’s new campus in Menlo Park.

In 2007, she founded the electronic music blog, Modyfier, as a way to further investigate how people make. The Process Series explores the fuzzy edge between thinking and doing by asking contributors to invite play, cultivate curiosity and aim at nothing, allowing whatever sort of meaning may (or may not) emerge in their work. The last four years have been an experiment in accrual, featuring kaleidoscopic approaches to how imagination can reveal itself, shape program into form, percolate aesthetic. In steering this rudder, Rayna has found that riding the energy that surfaces when creativity rubs up against freedom is a good medium to move through while enjoying the getting there.

Most recently, she Co-Founded Liminal Space and serves as Creative Director to this Oakland-based, not-for-profit art and technology studio, whose interests lie in exploring today's complex human ecology through building creative adjacencies. Armed with an enormous desire to dissolve restrictive boundaries, they hunt the threshold of new possibilities by embracing the dark, throwing questions at it and following them like flares. Moving across the limits of identifications, established disciplines and assumed perceptions, Liminal Space is dedicated to developing and extending the resources necessary to support the ventures of fellow seekers. Axial to the mission is creating opportunities for participants to part the curtains of their creative neighbors and cultivate ideas that may open their work to the unknown.

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