Friday, September 07, 2012

Paul Mac - Stimulus Sessions Vol 5

After following the familiar UK path of Electro/Hip Hop/Acid House/Techno it has now been 24 years since Paul Mac started dj’ing and he has been producing for nearly 17, having recorded for over 50 labels including Sino, Theory , Ingoma, Kb Records Inc and Kanzleramt to name only a few and with nearly 140 release’s to his name its probably fair to call him a veteran of the scene.

After over 20 years of playing with records Paul has now made the jump to Ableton this has opened a lot of new doors musically and has reinvigorated his passion for the music. As well as his normal solo performances the future will see more performances with; Ben Sims as they finally bring the K.B Productions sound out of the studio and into the clubs, Mark Williams as the now infamous Sou Tai duo one of the more intense Techno performances on the circuit and finally as part of The Essex Rascals with Ben Sims, Tony Anderson and Mark Broom with more old school party influenced sets of Disco, Funk, Hip Hop and whatever else.

+++ tracklist +++

Techno Intro
D'Marc Cantu - Mobile Commnunication
Go Hiyama - Farnsworth House
Miles Serge - DOT 4 (Aubrey Ruff Mix)
Randomer - Freak Dub
Locked Groove - Gingy
Mattias Fridell - Life Recycling Law
Mr O - I Just Want Normal (Mark Broom Remix)
Harvey McKay - Pressure
Randomer - We Laugh We Scream
Paul Mac - Hotel Insomnia (Marcell Fengler Sleepless Mix)
Oscar Mulero - Sound Mirror
Mick Wills - Space Probe VII
White label - Sonic Confidential A1
Coefficient - Intrinsic Vector (Part 2)
Paul Mac - Resident Problem
Art Bleek - Feel Me
unknow - Fear
Stankevich - Whoa
Dj Rush - unknow (Ben Sims Mix)
Riccio - Come Back (Dj Sneak Mix)
Joe - Studio Power On
Paul Mac - Undoubted
Death Abyss - Love Is A Weakness (Mark Broom Mix)

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