Friday, September 07, 2012

Galaxian livest at 4x4 Techno - Void [04.08.2012]

Based in Glasgow, Scotland. The grimey one time murder and drug addict capital of Europe provides the perfect environment for Galaxian's distinctive take to the electronic sound. Influenced by the purveyor's of classic Detroit techno, early rave, electronica and more recently the myriad hybrid sounds and styles which are now at the forefront of electronic music. His mutant sound incorporates dark atmospherics, quirky and strange electronics, menacing baseline’s and creeping groove's fused with full on, twisted, mind warping hi-tek funk. With a diverse and varied approach to sound production he fuses a variety of different styles and has found favour with discerning DJs and audiences from genres as diverse as electronica, dubstep , techno and electro. An uncompromising approach and non conformist attitude deliver an ever evolving sound which is at once captivating, innovative and forward thinking. Inspired by such subjects as imperialism, history, propaganda, psychology, political ideologies and their misuse's in the social structure and culture. Sometime's disturbing, sometime's unsettling. Never dull.

2011 was a busy year for Galaxian headlining many events alongside talent such as Radioactive Man, Jerome Hill, Rudi Zygadlo and Paul Blackford. Absorbing live shows are powerful, intense and unforgettable experiences. Currently releasing on a number of well respected labels in the USA and UK. An EP recently released on Napalm Enema Records, an album released to rave reviews on premier electro label Transient Force. 2012 got off to a roaring start with the eagerly anticipated “The Looting Of Reason” EP released on Last Known Trajectory in January. Closely following that will be a vinyl release on Sherard Ingram’s AKA Stingrays label Micron Audio Detroit. Constantly pushing the musical boundaries and challenging what is deemed acceptable to aficionados, Galaxians unique and iconoclastic style continues to solidify his growing reputation as one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent times.

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