Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Cyclo Sound] present: Jemb - Narcoleptic

i play vinyl records, audiotapes, mp3, drummachine, synth and all support that make music!!!!
Sgobba Giacomo aka JEMB starts his experience as a DJ in Bologna in the early 90's through the radio experience of 'K Centrale Radio' and format KONTAINER
The radio becomes an important professional experience for JemB, where he matures and refines his djing technique . The radio also became an important meeting point where JEMB can deal with a lot of djs, producers, promoters and where important collaborations and friendships were born.
Jemb gained his experience working together with labels such as Mixtophonico lab, [LED] Link Electronic Department, Italian Bassline rec., Afun rec and Tz records. He also shared the microphone with the Unzip Project (shape / Cocoricò club) and who will also attend the Street Rave in 2003 in Bologna.
Thanks to these strong relationships,
JEMB brings in the studios of 'K Centrale Radio' International Djs such as Norm Talley (Beatdownsound rec.), Khan (matador rec - playhouse rec.), Daniel Meteo (Meteo Sound), dj K Rock (Rephlex rec), Vladimir Ivkovic (Important rec), Amon Tobin (ninja tune), dj Food(ninja tune), Bad Company( B.C. Rec), Usual Suspect feat Mc.Verse (Hardware Renegade rec.), Cause 4 Concerne (C4C rec), Danilo Vigorito (orion), Wang Inc (sonig rec), Panacea (position Crome rec.) just to mention some. ( here the complete line up)
In addition to to these experience, Jemb worked closely with the LINK, an historical multicultural center of Bologna, where he enriched his musical training.
Encouraged by Mauro Borella (H_uge), jemb in collaboration with Alessandro Merola(IRMA records), gave birth to the COOLER project.

+++ tracklist +++

Desolate - Florescence - Fauxpas Musik
Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker, Daz Quayle - Women's Hour - Aperture
tobias. - Now I Know - Ostgut Ton
Brian Eno - Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960 (2004 Digital Remaster) - On Land
die - technologie
mfp - granular synthesis - non standard productions
Ametsub - Roving Pianist - Mille Plateaux
Rauschfaktor - Aufzug - Elektrolux
Human Mesh Dance - Moth - Thesecretnumbertwelve
atom tm / tobias freund - phase in [loop vocal] -
mfp - granular synthesis / fm - non standard productions
Krill.Minima - Mamor (Dedub) - Psychonavigation Records
HijaQ - Old Haven - Something Deep
Ivan Picazo & Robert X - Oddity (Intro) - Mono Records
Bison - The Traveler - Claremont 56
mfp - pink noise - non standard productions
Steindar Kristinsson - Take Two - Shipwrec
Sogar - Ui Spalt - 12K
Solo Andata - Ablation - 12K
Sven Weisemann - Xine III - Aeron
Sven Weisemann - Xine V - Aeron
Thomas Fehlmann - In The Wind II

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Jemb also play on strom:kreft radio