Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AnD - Prosthetic Pressings Podcast #19

Manchester based duo, AnD, is a faceless and covert production team that has taken the techno community by storm. Releasing on labels such as Horizontal Ground, Black Sun Records and Frozen Border, AnD showcases a diverse range of styles stemming from spaced out sonic textured beats to complex driving bass lines laced with bold and aggressive percussions.
Last year they launched their very own vinyl imprint, Inner Surface Music. Their focusing on like-minded artists and producers that represent nothing but the highest quality underground music.

Kangding Ray - Telur - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Muslimgauze - Hafizz Maidan - Muzlimgauze
Cub - Cub2 (UST Funk Mix) - Cub
Aiken - Second Balance (Regis Remix) - M_Rec
Developer - De Chord - Modularz
Silent Servant - The Strange Attractor - Hospital Productions
Phase - Binary Opposition (Cntrls Remix) - Token
Violetshaped - The Oven (Kangding Ray Remix) - Violet Poison
Rrose - Prism Guard - Eaux
Truss - Hackney - Perc Trax
Sawlin, Subjected - FM7 - Vault Series
AnD - Making Circles - Repitch
Abstract Division - Relevance (Pacou remix) - Abstract Division
Tommy Four Seven - Monix - Stroboscopic Artefacts
MPIA3 - Side Squatters Dog - Avian
Ancient Methods v Kareem - Zealots (Ancient Methods Interpretation) - Fondation Sonore
Regis - A Necklace Of Bites - Downwards
British Murder Boys - Anti Inferno - Counterbalance
James Ruskin - Detached - Tresor
Throbbing Gristle - X-Ray - Mute

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