Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Marco Ferrazza & Claudio Porceddu - Flatlandia (Edwin A. Abbott)

Flatland: A romance of many dimensions (Edwin A. Abbott), with Marco Ferrazza and Claudio Porceddu.

Audio/visual performance based on the novel by Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland: A romance of many dimensions, with Marco Ferrazza and Claudio Porceddu. Festival Spazio Musica, June 2012, centro culturale Il Ghetto, Cagliari, Sardinia. 


Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for Claudio PRC. Raised in a small Sardinian town (Italy), he has always been in close contact with all kinds of music, but the influences received by the strong Techno wave coming from Detroit and the special attractions for Concrete and Electroacoustic music definitively marked the development of his current musical ideology. The experiences that derive from his personal observations in the field of electroacoustic music are combined with the continuing study of lean and simple rhythmic structures. His feelings and adventures turn into deep and hypnotic atmospheres that are intertwined with abstract and sharp rhythms. Claudio currently releases music on German label Prologue and also appeared on labels such as Aconito Records and Stroboscopic Artefacts. His DJ sets are characterised by the same concept that distinguishes his music, and range from complex Ambient to sophisticated Techno.

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