Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Perc / Pole Group Podcast

From his earliest demos to his current position as a key figure in the global techno scene, Perc (aka Ali Wells) has taken the established forms of the music he loves and twisted them into something new and fresh. Building up successful relationships with scene-leading labels such as Drumcode, Ovum, Kompakt and CLR whilst unleashing a strong run of releases on his own Perc Trax label has seen Perc’s influence and support grow even further. With each release his sonic experimentation has taken another leap forward without losing sight of the dance floor. 2009’s ‘Throb’ on Ovum and ‘Submit’ on CLR brought Perc his first support from the key Berlin tastemakers and his 2010 releases including ‘BCG’ (Perc Trax) and ‘Monad V’ (Stroboscopic Artefacts) have made him an essential artist for those with an interest in techno that refuses to conform to preconceptions. 2010 has ended on a high with a trio of releases for Perc including his third EP on CLR, a collaboration with Italy's Modern Heads on Stroboscopic Artefacts and a split 12" with rising star Sawf on Perc Trax. As a DJ and live act Perc has covered all of Europe plus multiple tours of USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. Personal highlights for Perc's touring include a back-to-back set with Oliver Ho in Tokyo, his debut at Tresor in early 2010, being part of the Drumcode tent at Dance Valley in 2008 and playing on the same bill as Richie Hawtin and Speedy J at 2008’s Electric Deluxe Queen’s Day party at Melkweg, Amsterdam. 2011 will see the release of Perc's first album, another tour the USA and Canada and his debut at Berghain.

+++ tracklist +++

Emptyset - Function Vulgar Display Of Power (Roly Porter Variation) - Subtext
Marcelus - Warhead - Repitch
Emptyset - Demlurge Of Blackest Grain To Missive Ruin (Paul Jebanasam Variation) - Subtext
The Exaltics - Node#2 (Delta Funktionen Remix) - Modal Analysis
Joey Beltram - The Pulse - Trax
Forward Strategy Group - Mandate (Sawf Remix) - Perc Trax
Truncate - Diffractions (Jonas Kopp Remix) - Modularz
Reeko - Lynx - Polegroup
Kowton - Track Mute - Idle Hands
Stanislav Tolkachev - Building Peaks - Modularz
Nik Colk Void - Gold E - O Genesis
Silent Servant & Luis Farfan - No Te Debia Amar - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Moerbeck - Chamber 1 - Vault Series
Emptyset - Demlurge Of Blackest Grain To Missive Ruin (Paul Jebanasam Variation) - Subtext
The Express - Rost (Shutter Remix) - Hem
Mutate - Circle 1 (Drumcell Remix) - Blank Code
Forward Strategy Group - Elegant Mistakes - Perc Trax
Pinion - Mirv7 - Perc Trax
Jose Pouj - The Structure - Injected Poison Records
Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson - Paradox - (AnD Cylcops Remix) - Archetypes Records
Perc - A New Brutality - Perc Trax
Factory Floor - Two Different Ways (Perc Noise Mix) - DFA
EDMX - Cerberus - Power Vacuum
Joey Beltram - The Fuzz - Trax
Perc - Before I Go - Perc Trax

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