Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obtane at M_REC LTD Podcast 13

M_Rec Ltd is born from years of experience in the world of techno…

M_Rec’s concept is simple and pure…the objective is to let people hear the sound of techno in all its shades through the work of international artist with historical experience in techno, all this without forgetting the origins and never like now has it been so important to get back to the roots…and only the ones who know them can transmit this concept.

After years of accurate analysis on forms and structures of the electronic dance music, in a transitional and evolutionary path, Obtane’s music has took the shape of something that concerns him inwardly. The cold non-melodies and the crashing metal emerging from his productions are particularly linked to his dark interpretation of life and its phenomena. Literally obsessed by the “man-machine” concept, his music is a futuristic manifesto against human mediocrity and baseness. During his sets is as he felt a little cosmic avenger with a clear mission: raising human level through Techno. Far away from the concept “electronic music as entertainment”, he feels Techno as a lifestyle.

For this reason, despite collecting and home-playing vinyls since 1995, he would “emerge” just a decade later, when electronic music culture has reached its highest levels and the audience is constantly acquiring knowledge, interest and curiosity to discover new horizons. Those horizons that still struggle to emerge in his country.  Obtane is highly influenced by Industrial music and Sci-Fi culture. His music combines neo-industrial shapes with cinematic and dreamlike structures: a perfect combination that creates an endless succession of violent moods and breaths from hell. Obtane pushes forward the audio content to the edge of the extreme and the insanity like a futuristic sculptor creating robotic models, ready to leave planet Earth.

+++ tracklist +++

Untitled – Untitled
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Industrial Assaults (Rrose remix) – Prosthetic Pressings
Obtane – Untitled
Alien Rain – Alienated 1B – Alien Rain
Obtane – A Thunder Will Purify Us – forthcoming Semantica
Staffan Linzatti – Flashing (Live version) – Searchlights
Developer – Bodega – Gynoid
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – The Revolt Of The Objects (Svreca remix) – Zooloft
Donor – Argon – Semantica
George Paar – Cilindro – Par Wax
Svreca – Viina (Orphx remix) – Semantica
SHXCXCHCXSH – Xxzccczxxxx – Subsist
Byetone – Plastic Star (Sleeparchive remix) – Raster Noton

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