Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mike Stern - Electronic Propaganda #4

Mike Stern discovered house and techno music at the start of the 90’s through Laurent Garnier’s shows on the French FM radio Maxximum. Intrigued by these new styles of music, he began to form his own personal musical tastes spending his spare time in record shops and rave parties. He began djing in 1994 and his love quickly grew for the underground techno sound which was coming out of England, Germany and US. In the late 90’s, bored by the techno sound, he discovered drum & bass/jungle and started to dabble in these genres. After a 6 year break from music, he went back to business. He refined his style and began to mix seamlessly between genres (techno, industrial techno, electro and UK Bass) in his sets. In 2011, his meeting with Tyler Smith aka Black Smith Craft allowed him to become resident of the B-Side show on and moderator of the Technotherapy group, a rising musical group on Soundcloud. At the same time, he makes some podcasts and some sets for other radio shows, and continues his musical quest.

+++ tracklist +++

Withering Zithering - Recombinant Organism
Lakker - LF9
C Mantle - Congener 2
Girls Revenge - Teen Slasher
Stanislav Tolkachev - Weapon Of Self Destruction
Allan Nonamaka - Tangled Cravings
Allan Nonamaka - Solitude Of Silence
Allan Nonamaka - Tangled Cravings (Voidloss Pole Dancing Droid Mix)
MPIA3 - Acid Badger
Roebin De Freitas - Plunge
Macwolf - All The People (M.E.K.A. Remix)
Talisman - Ticket
Clouds - Common Bounce
Coefficient - Intrinsic Vector (Part 2)
Stanislav Tolkachev - Every Body Is Somebody's Fool
Talisman - Imageri
Brando De Carlo - Snakes On A Yacht (Brad Lee Rework)
Paul Mac - The Raw Basic Ingredients
Roland Casper - E 331
Boris Noiz - Omniforma
Structural Form - Tubtom
Kawatin - Bended Park
Death Abyss - Look Down On Them And Laugh
Ad Vanz v Gescom - Viral
Kazuya Kawakami - Footprint
Avee Libretto - Roku Roku Roku
Datacrashrobot - Path Dependence
Mattias Fridell - Subsekt (Laws Remix)
Alex Cortex - Invierano Pt.3
Stanislav Tolkachev - Tested On Humans
Boris Noiz - Puls
Andy Clark - Are We Just A Weapon
Lifecycle - Broken Weasel (ADJ Remix)
Scanone - Andromeda
Swarm Intelligence - Execute (Blackmass Plastics Remix)
MPIA3 - Roly Poly Babs
MPIA3 - Your Orders
Somatic Responses - Tachyon Opera
Motor - Pleasure In Heaven (Xhin Remix)
Arkist & Komonazmuk - T-Model
George Lanham - Margeries Last Ride
Stormfield - Focus

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