Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Konik Polny - Svarionipremeditati Podcast #16

we have the big pleasure to present another great friend of us
Konik Polny [Drex Limited - Quadrant Recordings - JopRec]

Konik Polny means grasshopper in Polish, and it’s a very appropriate name for the nature of kp’s music. If you ask him what it means, he looks at you and smiles, and starts telling you about Dutch teknival back in the year 2000, of repeated police controls.. of trucks and vans... of people and friends, travelling the Dutch highways looking for a place to make a party and meeting on their road.....
He moved to the German capital in 2000 where the underground electronic scene was flourishing and Berlin became his house and city. Since then he’s been playing in numerous clubs pulsating with life: The Köpi(historical squat), the Love parade, Suppamolli, Maria am Ostbahnhof and the Fishladen, to mention a few. These are all places of cult status in the techno music scene.
It is here that its sonorities purchase consistence, shot through the speakers like bullets piercing through the dancing bodies, an artistic expression of music in continuous evolution. It is music which is visceral, vibrating, a fusion of underground techno: dark and repetitive with soft sonorities neighbouring culture drum and bass, and break-beat.
Konik Polny’s ideal place for expression are electronic music festival, in the last four years he has participated as spectator and musician in almost all the festivals in Europe. His particular favourite is the CEKTEK in the Czech republic where one is transported into a fantastic fascinating atmosphere. The live sets seem to transmit states of animo, transforming from acid music lines, to dark and even playful sonority. In the last years he has been playing at the Cinema of Barcelona, the Wagon Club, Wroclaw in Poland, the nation that has entertained him on so many occasions.

In Vienna he played a techno-instrumental performance accompanied by a flutist of the Vienna Kunst Akademie(one of the best academies of classical music in the world), the electronic music and the melody of the transverse flute created a spectacular new sound symbiosis.
2005 was an important year for Konik, together with his Polish friend Dj Pala, he founded “Joint Operation Records”, short JopRec, a label born with the idea to create an international network for artists from the world of commercial music.
The Label logo with a bio-mechanic seahorse, the phi and the numerical series of Fibonacci numbers, its a fusion of pure mathematics and art, that are the same thing..... Ideas and philosophy concretized in music. Then during spring 2005 Konik meet the mysterious figure Fernando Poo, who origins from Eastern Europe. They united in a passion for music and created the first JopREc release "Tekattack" together.
For the promotion of his record and the young label, Konik began a European tour in the summer of 2005, which within a few months brought him gigs from one corner of Europe to the other. He performed in numerous clubs and to mention a few; he played the Eastek in Germany , then he was making waves in the port of Amsterdam, rocking the “MS Stubnitz”(once a German fishing boat, and since more then 15 years a underground culture vessel, cruising Europe, in 2010 residing in Copenhagen).
Finally to conclude the summer in splendid beauty Konik participated in the Festival M.D.A.Q. in Sicily, where he played alongside artists like Amon Tobin, Dom & Roland, Chris Clark and many others.
Inspired by his trips he immediately returned to his studio after the summer, and given life to his second record “INSECTOPHOBIA”, which came out on Jop Records December 2005. In 2009 Konik released a new record together with Dj SMN called DJSMN00X...
ever since he has produced and been playing clubs across Europe and also started row of Parties in Berlin.

+++ tracklist +++

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy - Scarface Movie CLIP
BUG vs HAWTIN - Low Blow
88uw - Disappeared Voices
Pe, Ban, Dj Mandraks - Majestic Twelve
Kai Randy Michel - Sea of Nothingness
Michael Fiorente - Mira El Vizzo (Refresh Mix)
Hip Teens - Dirtyworx
Abyss - Secret Box
Umek - Gatex (Fergie remix)
Jay Lumen - B-Groove
Hans Bouffmyhre - Voltage
Scuba - Tracers (Deadbeat Remix)
Traversable Wormhole - 13) Transducer
Backroom Reality - No Mistakes
Larry Powers - Milk (Subfractal Remix)
Alex Young - Reminimalized
John Tejada - P.L.L.
Danny Tenaglia - Music is the Answer (Ant Brooks Remix)
Shades Of Gray - Projections
Gerd - Arkest's Blaze
Human Resource - Dominator
Deetron feat Paris the Black Fu - The Afterlife
Agoria - Souless Dreamer ft Seth Troxler (Original Mix)
Traversable Wormhole - Tachyon
Dubfire_Rework - Spastik
Hans Bouffmyhre - Goodbye Anxiety
Agoria - Code 1026
Florian Tyack, Funkbrainer - Ekinox
Minimal Law - The Rebel
Krstevski - There´s No Escaping (GZI remix)
Schelmanoff, Kanzman - Mnmlzm
Adam Clark - Somnambulate
A.Paul - Math
Laurent Garnier - Gnanmankoudji (Horny Monster Mix)
Plastikman - Elektrostatik
777 System - Cans Of Pop
SQL - Earth Freak
Acid Junkies - Embrasse Moi X
fernando poo/pablito e dritto feat mz sunday luv - Acid Crash

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