Wednesday, July 11, 2012

K1971 FOCUS ON PODCAST with Reig [Trivmvirate Records]

Involved for years in the Oil & Gas industry, his name found marked on numerous electrical and electronical dismissed equipments in various plants around the globe, the Reig mark was first seen in Rome during the early 90′s on subway trains, buses, trash cans and electrical panels – and then it spread in industrial plants, train stations and other intense power receptor in Europe and the Middle East.

+++ tracklist +++

Ed Friman – Lightless
N.d – Tetra
001.1 - Atom Dub Mother
Berber – Caustic
track ID
Reig – Rehearsal
N.d – Dimensional Airwave
Developer – Origins (Jeroen Search Remix)
Reig – Submania
Ben Sims – Air Rage
Reeko – The lady with the black glove
N.d – Concept 3.2
LaChriz - Carlsbad
Berber – Back Pressure
Jhon Thomas - Vision (Aril Brikha Remix)
Donor – EM1 (Silent Servant Remix)
Ed Friman – Old Tower
Ralph Mirto – Parallel Globe

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