Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Suburban Knight liveset at 13 Years Tresor [12.03.2004]

James Pennington, also known as Suburban Knight, is an artist and DJ and Producer with Underground Resistance (UR), an independent record label based in Detroit, USA. Pennington pioneered the Detroit techno scene since the mid '80s with moody tracks like "The Art of Stalking" and "The Groove".With the rise of Detroit's second wave in the early 1990s, Pennington became a mentor for Mike Banks and the Underground Resistance crew. With Underground Resistance, he released the singles "Nocturbulous Behavior" and "Dark Energy". He also featured on the Submerge label compilation Depth Charge, Vol. 3, and produced tracks for Underground Resistance's 1998 full-length Interstellar Fugitive. James' Debut album 'My Sol Dark Direction' was released to critical acclaim including both classics and new, unreleased productions.

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