Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Legowelt at KOTJ Radio Episode 33

Legowelt (real name Danny Wolfers) is a Dutch electronic musician who describes his musical style as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack." Already a few years in the business Legowelt has released a dozen or so projects on various formats, most of them on vinyl released on Bunker records, an electronic music label based in The Hague. He has had some mainstream exposure with 'Disco Rout', originally released on a Ghostly International compilation but licensed by Cocoon Recordings for a full vinyl release, and subsequently voted track of the year 2002 by the German music magazine, Groove. Legowelt began producing music when in the early 1990s after he came in contact with the sounds of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Model 500, Blake Baxter (probably his all-time favourite producer) and Chicago heroes such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Armando Gallop and Mr. Fingers. Later on this palette of influences grew with early µ-Ziq, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, various releases from the Irdial Discs label. He marks his major influence as 'Unit Moebius' after he heard them on the radio. He describes their sound as "a punky palette of RAW freaked out Lo-fi Chicago trax and deep detroit jams made with machines which were found next to the garbage can."It was a surprise to him when he later learnt that this music came out of The Hague, Holland, the very same city he lived in. He then later visited the Bunker Records office where he was taken under the wing of such musical mentors as I-f and Melvin White (aka pametex). 

He claims they "lectured him with even more unknown sounds such as early electro and the obscure pre-1983 Italian disco whose production secrets were closely studied." In 1998 Bunker released Legowelt's first vinyl album, Pimpshifter, a 6-track which became an instant cult hit with tracks such as "Sturmvogel" and "Total Pussy Control". Most music of Danny Wolfers is published by Clone Publishing from Rotterdam. Clone also co-released Legowelt's greatest hits album together with Bunker records. In 2006 Legowelt started his own label called Strange life records. Danny Wolfers is the host of the weekly Astro Unicorn Radio Show on Intergalactic FM, an internet radio station. He presents the show using his Smackos alias, and plays a broad range of music including many of his own productions. It was in 2007 that Danny Wolfers started hosting this show on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System, the predecessor of Intergalactic FM.

+++ tracklist +++

01. Intro from Brother From Another Planet
02. Actress – Ascending
03. Xamiga – Untitled
04. Legowelt – Rave Till Dawn
05. Legowelt – On The Tiger train
06. Legowelt – Griffith Park Murder Mystery
07. XOSAR – Nitejam
08. Polygon Window – Untitled
09. Legowelt- Time Waits For No Man
10. Legowelt – I Only Move For U
11. Legowelt – Forever Esta Par Siempre feat. Rolad-O
12. Legowelt – What Can U Do For Me
13. Legowelt – Transformation Of The World
14. Legowelt – How It Is III
15. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Pacific House
16. Legowelt – On A Cold Winter’s Day

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