Monday, June 25, 2012

Øe at Electronic Explorations Podcast 204

Fabio Perletta (born July 31, 1984), also known in his recordings and performances as Øe, is a sound artist and graphic designer based in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. He has a BA in Film Studies at the University of Rome La Sapienza, writing a thesis entitled “Electronic sound between cinema and contemporary forms of audiovisual”. In this work he referred to the works of Bill Viola, Ryoji Ikeda, Chris Cunningham and David Lynch, focusing on the most recent theories about human perception, as a result of Semir Zeki’s neuroaesthetics perspective. Fabio consequentially graduated with honors in Electronic Music at the Italian Institute for Music Technology (IITM), where he developed a multichannel (quadraphonic) sound environment that consists in an underwater landscape. His works include electronic music, video, art installations, graphic and sound design for exhibitions. Described as trascendental and breezy architectures, celestial humming and luminescent hypnosis, his music is aimed to research the beauty into imperfection. Widely influenced by physical phenomena, human perception and psychology, his sound focuses on representing and discovering the sound of the invisible, mixing asynchronous loops and microsounds. Perletta’s music marks an aesthetics formed of digital errors, sound fragments, fragile sound paths and abstract colours, revealing a contemplative way of experiencing new emotions in the digital era and the fragmentation of nature through technology.

He is also known for the founding of the Farmacia901 record label, along with his work for A/V installations and performances as a member of Seventh Sense Art Group and his membership of the AIPS network, formed by Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio, Fabio Orsi, Franz Rosati, Francesco Giannico any many more. Along the years he has collaborated with Andrea Gabriele, Luigi Pagliarini, Tau Ceti, Ennio Mazzon, Giustino Di Gregorio, Andrea Ferraris, Paolo Buatti, Orgon, MDF, Plaster. He has performed in Italy and Germany as solo and in festivals with, among the others, Oval, Mika Vainio, Emika, Moha!.

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Rob Booth (1st Part)

Dadub – Refraction – [Forthcoming ‘Stroboscopic Artefacts’]
Anthone - Destabilize 'Aloof EP'- [Forthcoming 'Weevil']
214 - Fuzzy Leash - [Forthcoming 'Yellow Machines']
Sbtrkt - Laika - [BRAiNMATH]
Distance - Result of Sound - [Forthcoming 'Chestplate']
Semiomime - D-Coherence - [Mindtrick Records]
Floorplan - Altered Ego - [Forthcoming 'M-Planet']
Infiniti - Think Quick (Original Mix) - [Tresor]
Perc - A New Brutality - [Forthcoming 'Perc Trax']
Chris Finke - Sleep When You’re Dead - [Mote Evolver]
Untold - Caslon - [Forthcoming 'Hemlock']


Øe Podcast | Electronic Explorations | 2012

Øe - February / Seek – [Murmur Records]
Mosaique - Tapis – [Cronica]
Frank Bretschneider - Monoplus, blue: cobalt – [Raster-Noton]
Sogar - ST.07 – [List / 12k]
Global Communication - 9:25 – [Dedicated]
Mou, Lips! - Vit Virt – [mOAR]
Bellows - Untitled / Track 5 – [Senufo Edition]
Netherworld - Jokul – [Glacial Movements]
Herve Boghossian - Fin de Conversation – [Raster-Noton]
Bianco-Valente & Mass - Natural Warmness – [Defrag Sound Processing]
Pan Sonic - Alku – [Blast First]
Autistici - Resonating Wire – [Kesh]
Jan Jelinek - Moirè Piano & Organ – [~Scope]
Giuseppe Ielasi - Aix Track 4 – [12k]
Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Matrix – [Raster-Noton]
Øe - Untitled – [Unreleased]
Dadub - Biopoiesis – [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Kaeba - X7 – [Farmacia901]
Be Invisible Now! - Arsh 5555 – [Farmacia901]
Betrieb - Strandperle – [Klang Elektronik]
Plaster - Parallel Segment – [Kvitnu]
Franz Rosati - Fractures I – [Nephogram / Digitalbiotope]
Lorenzo Senni - Xenia – [Presto!? / Kesh]
Ubik - Hypnic Jerk / Zeitgeber – [Farmacia901]
Fabio Orsi - Part 6 – [Slow Flow Rec]
Autechre - Netlon Sentinel – [Warp Records]
Autechre - Second Scepe – [Warp Records]
Christopher Willits - New Life – [Ghostly International]
Oren Ambarchi - Inamorata – [Touch]
Antti Rannisto - Ääniesineitä / Track 5 – [12k]
Øe - Untitled / Charm – [Twisted Tree Line]
Tiziano Milani - Riflessione Compositiva di Assemblaggi Possibili – [Farmacia901]
Minamo – Listening – [Cubicfabric]
Bvdub - Would it Be The Same – [Glacial Movement]
Ben Frost - Feeding – [Room40]
Orgon - Icaro – [Farmacia901]
MDF - MFR / Music For Ringhiera – [Farmacia901]


Rob Booth (cont'd)

Bandshell - Dust March – [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
Hatti Vatti - Palms (ASC remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Absys Ltd’]
ASC & Synkro - Machine Love - [Probably 'Auxiliary']

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