Friday, May 04, 2012

Marvin-UR040 // Detroit Mix 11

My name is David Peacock, my dj name is Marvin-UR040 I first got into dance music as a clubber in the early 90's going to Raves up and down the country and spending alot of time in clubs in the North East of England.  In 1995 I became interested in djing and started buying records, soon after I bought some dj equipment and started learning how to mix. It was 1999 when I decided to enter one of my techno mixtapes in the Bedroom Bedlam competion of Muzik Magazine, the tape won and I was featured in the magazine. In the time between winning Bedroom Bedlam in 1999 and 2005 I continued entering competions as well as playing in bars and clubs, in 2001 a tech house cd came second in the Reader mixes section of IDJ magazine, then in 2003 a techno cd came 5th again in IDJ magazine which I then won in 2005 now called Raw Talent. The type of music I play is mostly house or techno from the 90's to now with an enphasis on Detroit, I also play a slower minimal set but since being given the number 040 (Underground Resistance) I try and play Detroit influenced music.

+++ tracklist +++

The Martian / Lost Transmission From Earth
Jeff mills / If (They)
Jeff mills / Java
Jeff mills / Where's My Rabbit
Deetron feat DJ Bone / Life Soundtrack (Radioslave remix)
Laurent Garnier / At Night
UR / Transition
S. Politik / Habi
Robert Hood / Quarz
Chaos / Afrogermanic
Galaxy 2 Galaxy / Hi Tech Jazz
K1 feat Blak Tony / Rock Like This
B. Calloway / Training Day
DJ Rolando / Jaguar
Galaxy 2 Galaxy / Metamorphisis

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