Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Peter Strom [16.04.2012]

Peter Strom aka Captain Hin was born 1978 in Lauscha/Thuringia, Germany.  He left Lauscha in 1997 to start a new job in Berlin. At this time he began to make music on the computer, together with his brother “Kai aus der Kiste”. The skM-Brothers were born. The sound they produced was a mixture of electronica, drum & bass and what computer programs made possible.   2007 he moved to Zurich, Switzerland. In 2008 the two brothers switched from making their own music to playing at the turntables with vinyl. The new DJ-Couple OSTKINDER was born. Their first experiences with playing music in front of an audience was in 2009/2010 in a club, in a bar in Munich and on private parties in Zurich.  After gaining experience with house and minimal as Captain Hin, he started the music era as Peter STROM. His new style, which includes flying electro minimal, was the reason for the new name and the flying carpet series.  Peter Strom had his Podcast-Debut on and in January 2011. After the first successful Podcasts, Peter Strom started the new radio show series "the flying techno club" in cooperation with SCHUBKRAFT (Hamburg) which presents best music and high spirit with a changing varity of DJs each month.  Due to the excelent fusion from the start, SCHUBKRAFT and Peter Strom launched their own Radio station named STROM:KRAFT in November 2011.  In addtion to STROM:KRAFT Radio Peter is now concentrating on his new project TONSPUR Records, which will take off in January 2012 with Music from Mark KAVAS and Peter STROM !!

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