Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Omdatik at WunderKammer Label Night / Italiansgroove Radio Show - Stromkraft Radio

Nico Tripaldi aka Omdatik, born in 1979, is a musical researcher and independent composer who has been producing music since the early 1990's.In 1992 Tripaldi gave birth to "Trilogy" which is a post -punk band influenced by noise and industrial music. In the mean time Tripaldi and Sandro Codazzi (guitarist of "Trilogy") began producing electronic music by experimenting with the Commodore 64, old trackers, keyboard, drums machines and synths. From that moment on the passion for analog instruments began and lead him to collect, until now, an impressive amount of instruments. When Tripaldi moved to Milan he was involved in two different projects: "Silicon-Wafer", electro dance project, and "I/Ofi", project more focused on glitch- ambient with industrial variations. As "I/Ofi" Nico experimented his own sounds with self-made and circuit bent instruments. From industrial and electronic experimentation to early millennium dance music, Tripaldi composed also music for documentaries,, short films, theater and advertisements and he cooperated with "Milano Film Festival", "Cinema Avvenire Venezia", "Torino Film Festival", "Club to Club", "Art&Gallery" and "Biennale di Venezia". Recently Nico performed his live set as Omdatik in several venues in Milan such as Franco Parenti Theater during Elita Festival and Leonardo Da Vinci Science Museum, in London at The Doors Club during SugGenus night and in Bologna at Link. Nowday Nico lives in his hometown where he set up his studio.

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Cosmic Disco
Yes Sr
Infected Blood
Exit Lov3e
Normal Etoh

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