Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kazuya Kawakami #06 "It is no use crying over spilt milk"

Kazuya Kawakami, born in Kochi prefecture and grown in Kanagawa prefecture, is a manufacturer of deep techno as well as brunt weapon concrete flavored techno music. He's released on European labels under the name of 'Asagaoaudio', now started to work under his real name, 'Kazuya Kawakami' to take steps to another level.  He's already scored a solo EP on 12 inch vinyl on brand new London-based label, RE(FORM), and provided a track on a tribute album of 6one6 label. Recently, he's just started a new project, HueHelix, together with such producers as Tomohiko Sagae, Ryuji Takeuchi and Go Hiyama, and dropped the 1st digital EP, 'HueHelix Article 1.' He currently performes DJ set in so-called 'Concrete Background Techno' style and also sessions in electronica, drone and ambient fields.

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