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Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Peter Strom [16.04.2012]

Peter Strom aka Captain Hin was born 1978 in Lauscha/Thuringia, Germany.  He left Lauscha in 1997 to start a new job in Berlin. At this time he began to make music on the computer, together with his brother “Kai aus der Kiste”. The skM-Brothers were born. The sound they produced was a mixture of electronica, drum & bass and what computer programs made possible.   2007 he moved to Zurich, Switzerland. In 2008 the two brothers switched from making their own music to playing at the turntables with vinyl. The new DJ-Couple OSTKINDER was born. Their first experiences with playing music in front of an audience was in 2009/2010 in a club, in a bar in Munich and on private parties in Zurich.  After gaining experience with house and minimal as Captain Hin, he started the music era as Peter STROM. His new style, which includes flying electro minimal, was the reason for the new name and the flying carpet series.  Peter Strom had his Podcast-Debut on and in January 2011. After the first successful Podcasts, Peter Strom started the new radio show series "the flying techno club" in cooperation with SCHUBKRAFT (Hamburg) which presents best music and high spirit with a changing varity of DJs each month.  Due to the excelent fusion from the start, SCHUBKRAFT and Peter Strom launched their own Radio station named STROM:KRAFT in November 2011.  In addtion to STROM:KRAFT Radio Peter is now concentrating on his new project TONSPUR Records, which will take off in January 2012 with Music from Mark KAVAS and Peter STROM !!

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Oliver Ho at process part 302 (story of the eye)

From the beginning on Blueprint records Oliver Ho has explored techno and house in its many different styles, ranging from the deep tribal sounds of the "Universal" album, to the dark abstract noises of his Veil album, to the funkier house sounds of his Birdland project.  All these ideas and sounds have been distilled down into the current project, Raudive. The sound of raudive takes the percussion of his earlier releases over the last 15 years and mutates it into a slower deeper sound, fusing the funk of house and the electronics of techno. The debut record on Klang Elektronik, "Audio ep" was closely followed by many releases featuring the Raudive sound evolving on record labels such as Klang, Music Man, Pokerflat, Cocoon, We Are and Macro. Oliver's unique sound has gained praise from many djs such as Trevor Jackson, Chloe, Laurant Garnier, Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Vath. In 2010 Oliver launched Wires, his new label which explores the areas inbetween techno, experimental, post-punk and industrial new wave. The label continues to develop and embrace new style ideas and diversity, which is also reflected in the band, The Eyes In The Heat, signed to Ivan Smagghe's Kill The Dj, a new project where Zizi Kanaan joins Oliver to create punk/disco/electro songs featuring guitar, synth, and vocals.  This attitude for bringing together the different dynamics of various genres is reflected in the deep and funky dj sets oliver plays at clubs around the world from new york to tokyo to paris and back to london.

Theo Parrish - Blast From The Past [10.04.2012]

Theo Parrish was born in Washington D.C. in 1972 and raised in Chicago, IL where his passion for music developed. MIles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, Bob Marley, as well as his uncle, jazz musician Dexter Sims, all had strong influences on Theo's early musical life. Chicago's radio influences and House artists such as Ron Hardy , Larry Heard, Lil Louis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Gene Hunt , Mike Dunn, Frankie Knuckles , Walter Get Down Brown and Andre Hatchett, helped to spawn Mr. Parrish's early career. He began spinning and producing tracks in 1986, at the age of thirteen... After graduating from the Academy for the Arts, he recieved a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute where his interest in music was taken to a new level through his study of sculpture. In 1994, he recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from KCAI with a concentration in Sound Sculpture, a form of orchestrationusing live instruments, looped recordings, the human voice, and numerous other sound generating devices. While in Kansas CIty, Theo continued to impact and be impacted by dance music, helping to bring a dormant underground music scene to life. In 1994, Theo Parrish moved to Michigan where he became heavily involved in Detroit's underground music scene. Producing music and delivering his unique and dynamic sets in venues throughout the Detroit and surrounding areas, as well as abroad he has gained the attention and respect of dj's, producers, listeners and dancers worldwide.

Esa presents Afro Futurism Fabric Promo Mix

Esa Williams arrived in Glasgow in 2007 and since his relocation to Scotland from Cape Town, South Africa in 2004 he has influenced various musical projects and events with his unique sounds.  DJing under the name Esa, making up part of the Sensu live act and producing music under the moniker Mervin Granger, it's fair to say that his is a face well known to many a discerning night owl. Following regular appearances at Subculture,Sunday Circus, McSorley's and the Red Bull Music Academy events in Glasgow he has a proven history of working with electronic music at almost every level. His involvement with Red Bull meant that he was the driving force behind bringing artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Josh Wink and Tony Lionni arrived in Glasgow for a series of performances, lectures and workshops. His relationship with the Sub Club extends beyond being a regular in the booth at Subculture and pre-parties in McSorley's. He joined Sensu as part of their live act and performs alongside Junior Ingram and Barry Price. Finally, 2010 herald the launch of Esa's Rememory Music projects with releases from his own Mervin Granger moniker and exclusive remixes from OOFT! Music and more.

Perc liveset at Tag X, Cologne

From his earliest demos to his current position as a key figure in the global techno scene, Perc (aka Ali Wells) has taken the established forms of the music he loves and twisted them into something new and fresh.  Building up successful relationships with scene-leading labels such as Drumcode, Ovum, Kompakt and CLR whilst unleashing a strong run of releases on his own Perc Trax label has seen Perc’s influence and support grow even further. With each release his sonic experimentation has taken another leap forward without losing sight of the dance floor.  2009’s ‘Throb’ on Ovum and ‘Submit’ on CLR brought Perc his first support from the key Berlin tastemakers and his 2010 releases including ‘BCG’ (Perc Trax) and ‘Monad V’ (Stroboscopic Artefacts) have made him an essential artist for those with an interest in techno that refuses to conform to preconceptions. 2010 has ended on a high with a trio of releases for Perc including his third EP on CLR, a collaboration with Italy's Modern Heads on Stroboscopic Artefacts and a split 12" with rising star Sawf on Perc Trax.  As a DJ and live act Perc has covered all of Europe plus multiple tours of USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. Personal highlights for Perc's touring include a back-to-back set with Oliver Ho in Tokyo, his debut at Tresor in early 2010, being part of the Drumcode tent at Dance Valley in 2008 and playing on the same bill as Richie Hawtin and Speedy J at 2008’s Electric Deluxe Queen’s Day party at Melkweg, Amsterdam.  2011 will see the release of Perc's first album, another tour the USA and Canada and his debut at Berghain.

Carlos Nilmmns at Electronic Directory Podcast 31

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Sendai at Process Part #300

Sendai is Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. They record for Time To Express. A Sendai live show features cutting edge electronic sound and, teaming up to stimulate both mind and body.

Alpha-podcast presents Roly Porter

Kazuya Kawakami #06 "It is no use crying over spilt milk"

Kazuya Kawakami, born in Kochi prefecture and grown in Kanagawa prefecture, is a manufacturer of deep techno as well as brunt weapon concrete flavored techno music. He's released on European labels under the name of 'Asagaoaudio', now started to work under his real name, 'Kazuya Kawakami' to take steps to another level.  He's already scored a solo EP on 12 inch vinyl on brand new London-based label, RE(FORM), and provided a track on a tribute album of 6one6 label. Recently, he's just started a new project, HueHelix, together with such producers as Tomohiko Sagae, Ryuji Takeuchi and Go Hiyama, and dropped the 1st digital EP, 'HueHelix Article 1.' He currently performes DJ set in so-called 'Concrete Background Techno' style and also sessions in electronica, drone and ambient fields.

Marvin-UR040 // Detroit Mix 10

My name is David Peacock, my dj name is Marvin-UR040 I first got into dance music as a clubber in the early 90's going to Raves up and down the country and spending alot of time in clubs in the North East of England.  In 1995 I became interested in djing and started buying records, soon after I bought some dj equipment and started learning how to mix. It was 1999 when I decided to enter one of my techno mixtapes in the Bedroom Bedlam competion of Muzik Magazine, the tape won and I was featured in the magazine. In the time between winning Bedroom Bedlam in 1999 and 2005 I continued entering competions as well as playing in bars and clubs, in 2001 a tech house cd came second in the Reader mixes section of IDJ magazine, then in 2003 a techno cd came 5th again in IDJ magazine which I then won in 2005 now called Raw Talent.  The type of music I play is mostly house or techno from the 90's to now with an enphasis on Detroit, I also play a slower minimal set but since being given the number 040 (Underground Resistance) I try and play Detroit influenced music.

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Sandro Galli * Future Techno - Svarionipremeditati Podcast #14

we have the big pleasure to present a great friend of us and one of the most harder techno producer of the italian scene on Svarionipremeditati Podcast Series
Sandro Galli [ACV - Hot Trax - Zimbalam - Minimum Syndicat - Luminar records] 

Sandro Galli is one of the greatest exponents of Techno European scene. His style, always original, involves across techno acid and techno old school. Also know as "uomo bassline", Sandro Galli starts his career, in the middle of 90th, with a single Ep for Hot Trax and in 1995 with a release (2x12) for One of the first experimental-techno labels to emerge from Rome - ACV [Alternative Current]. Subsequent productions are well characterized basically by dark tonalities with cutting-edge techno acid groove; his underground approach about techno music gave him the chance to play at most important rave party across europe. In 2008 he start a new collaboration with a great Techno label from France - Minimum syndycat and in 2011 he start his own label called Luminar Records. 

Lucy @ Electronic Explorations #193 [08.04.2012]

Lucy aka Luca Mortellaro, producer, DJ, founder of Stroboscopic Artefacts. There’s no doubt that the two are linked, but it’s certainly the hidden facets of Luca Mortellaro that are responsible for the dynamic output of Lucy.  In 2005 Lucy left his native Italy for Paris.  Lucy’s DJ sets range from the darkest techno, to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures. Never one to shy away from ripping into the peak time and equally in his element playing the ecstatic afterhours, he manages to refuse the obvious and yet satisfies the dance floors’ appetite for the unexpected. A quick listen to his essential Resident Advisor mix, his contributions to the CLR Podcast or his wide ranging Palette for mnml ssgs will attest to one thing: he’s too angular for genres and pigeon holes. It’s this quality that’s seen him grace the decks of the world's most dynamic clubs and festivals: Berlin's Berghain, London's Fabric, Tokyo's Dommune and Freaks Village, Amsterdam's Trouw, Moscow's Arma17 and New York's Oktave party, not to mention Sonar, Melt and Tauron Festivals.  In parallel to his acclaimed DJ sets Lucy has created a stripped down project that is constantly mutating and evolving: Lucy Live. In 2011 Lucy's debut album on Stroboscopic Artefacts "Wordplay For Working Bees" was released to international critical acclaim. Releases like the "Banality of Evil" EP are indicative of the shape of things to come directly from Lucy as an artist and from the platform under his artistic direction: Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Pfirter 4 Hours liveset at Berghain [10.03.2012]

Pfirter is one of the main icons of the electronic scene in South America. After more than a decade of a solid career, Juan Pablo has developed a very unique and personal style, mainly because of his very particular set, based on many subgenres of Techno. Pfirter is nowadays considered one of the argentinian djs with the biggest international projection, with releases on labels as CLR, Stockholm Ltd, Figure, Synewave and his own music plattform, MindTrip Music, among others. This records are played and charted by artists like Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Par Grindvik, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Chris Fortier, Christian Smith, Xpansul, Joey Beltram, Kevin Gorman, Michael Mayer and many more. All of this, allows him to perform nowadays in the best clubs in Argentina and South America (Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador...). And he performs regularly in Europe, on clubs such as Berghain (Berlin), The End (London) or Club4 (Barcelona).

THE SCORE - Techno Notice...The 2nd Hour

The Score is resident on FNOOB TECHNO RADIO.
Paper Sleeves runs 5 - 7pm GMT on every 4th Sunday. Check Fnoob schedule for dates. 
                                                               join him @

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Ø [Phase] liveset at Motormix / 2008

UK Based Techno producer best known by his work on the Belgium based Token Records and who's style ranges from gritty minimal techno to Detroit influenced material. His debut “Module Overload” was released on London’s Lost/Cosmic records in 2000, and was followed by a string of productions for London's Surface/Inceptive Records and Ben Sims Ingoma imprint. The move to Token came in 2007, he shortly after began DJing professionally and has since performed at parties across the globe. His continued works have seen constant support throughout the techno world and have featured in CD mixes by Robert Hood, François Kevorkian and Dave Clarke amongst others… Alongside his production work Phase is also a Mastering engineer and on/off artwork designer. Starting out at London’s prestigious Sony Music/Whitfield Street Studios, he has cut records for numerous underground dance acts as well as working on projects for mainstream artists.

Derrick May liveset at Weekend Circuit 1st Birthday [07.04.2012]

Of the Belleville Three, the cadre of early Detroit producers who tested the limits of spirit within electronic dance music and changed the integrity of the form forever, Derrick May's reputation as an originator remained intact despite more than a decade of recording inactivity. While Juan Atkins is rightly looked at as the godfather of techno, with a recording career beginning in the electro scene of the early '80s and encompassing some of the most inspired tracks in the history of dance music; and Kevin Saunderson is the Detroit producer with the biggest mainstream success through his work with vocalist Paris Grey as Inner City, May's position as an auteur eroded slightly during the 1990s due to a largely inexplicable lack of activity. As far as influence counts as part of the equation, however, May recorded the techno tracks which top dance producers point to as the most original and influential. The classic Derrick May sound is a clever balance between streamlined percussion-heavy cascades of sound with string samples and a warmth gained from time spent in Chicago, enraptured by the grooves of essential DJs like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. May's Transmat Records label was the home of his best material, cuts like "Nude Photo," "Strings of Life," "Kaos" and "It Is What It Is," most produced from 1987 to 1989 as Rhythim Is Rhythim. And though his release schedule all but halted during the 1990s, he continued DJing around the world and honed Transmat into one of the most respected techno labels in the world. 

Octave One liveset at Public, Corato[Ba]Italy [05.01.2012]

Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation is the brainchild of Detroit's Burden Brothers. The core unit of the band is made up of Lenny and Lawrence Burden with revolving members of Lynell, Lorne, and Lance Burden.  The band first appeared on the compilation 'Techno 2: The Next Generation' (alongside Carl Craig, Marc Kinchen, and Jay Denham) in 1990 with the track 'I Believe' and have since released over one hundred records, many on their own record label, 430 West Records. They are best known for the single 'Blackwater' featuring the vocals of Ann Saunderson, which was licenced to over thirty compilations. Octave One have worked with such artists as Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Eddie Fowlkes, Juan Atkins, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Members of the House, Terrence Parker, and The Martian. They have remixed tracks for such artists as Massive Attack, Akabu (Joey Negro), DJ Rolando (Jaguar), Steve Bug, John Thomas, The Tramps, Rhythm is Rhythm, and Inner City. At the end of 2006, Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation released their first full length DVD/CD project 'Off The Grid'.

Kenny Larkin liveset at @ Moxa Club [06.01.2012]

To most electronic music aficionados, Detroit native Kenny Larkin is a man who needs no introduction. His impressive 20-year history of creating arguably some of the most timeless, soulful techno ever created, is unquestionable. But, to the newer generation of club-goers, who aren’t aware of his contributions, 2012 serves as the year to re-establish his position as one of the most valuable forces in dance music today. Since the beginning of his career, Larkin’s profile was never considered massive, nor did he ever serve as the “face of techno.” Yet, the respect and admiration he garners from his fans, electronic musicians, and journalists globally leave little doubt as to his relevance, and influence in a genre that sometimes can be described as lacking in feeling, warmth and musicality. It is that musicality that allowed him to give us an unforgettable collection of original material and remixes, such as the amazingly groovy Inner City “Share My Life.” Many consider this rework one of the best Inner City remixes ever done. Or the equally stunning remix done for Ben Klock’s “OK,” which was voted by website LITTLE WHITE EARBUDS as the 20th top track of 2009.   

Surgeon liveset @ Wax Treatment, Berlin [29.05.2011]

Birmingham techno artist Anthony Child has rapidly built a solid and, to a certain extent, innovative catalog of minimal dancefloor techno since his Surgeon releases began appearing in 1991. Compared favorably with Detroit original Jeff Mills from his earliest Downwards singles on forward, Child's tracks have been a mainstay in the popular Motor City DJ's sets. Although Surgeon releases have worked an increasing affectation for acid and trance, an economy of sound and basic hardness combine his and Mills' sound.
A noted and increasingly popular DJ himself, Child grokked his skills from hip-hop and electro jocks ("Tour de France" is a mainstay of his DJ sets), filling out his style with a driving toughness and appreciation for rapid cutting and flipping. Surgeon's entry into production was also noteworthy; urged on by producer Mick Harris (Child is a fan of Harris' Scorn project), the former Napalm Death drummer locked Child in his tiny studio, imploring him to "go mad." The result, the self-titled debut EP, was released on Downwards, and was instantly hailed as some of the highest quality U.K. techno of its time. Releases for Soma, Blueprint, Ideal Trax, and the ultra-exclusive Tresor label followed, with the debut LP, Basic Tonal Vocabulary, appearing on Tresor in 1997. Balance followed in 1998, as did Force & Form in 1999. 

Omdatik at WunderKammer Label Night / Italiansgroove Radio Show - Stromkraft Radio

Nico Tripaldi aka Omdatik, born in 1979, is a musical researcher and independent composer who has been producing music since the early 1990's.In 1992 Tripaldi gave birth to "Trilogy" which is a post -punk band influenced by noise and industrial music. In the mean time Tripaldi and Sandro Codazzi (guitarist of "Trilogy") began producing electronic music by experimenting with the Commodore 64, old trackers, keyboard, drums machines and synths. From that moment on the passion for analog instruments began and lead him to collect, until now, an impressive amount of instruments. When Tripaldi moved to Milan he was involved in two different projects: "Silicon-Wafer", electro dance project, and "I/Ofi", project more focused on glitch- ambient with industrial variations. As "I/Ofi" Nico experimented his own sounds with self-made and circuit bent instruments. From industrial and electronic experimentation to early millennium dance music, Tripaldi composed also music for documentaries,, short films, theater and advertisements and he cooperated with "Milano Film Festival", "Cinema Avvenire Venezia", "Torino Film Festival", "Club to Club", "Art&Gallery" and "Biennale di Venezia". Recently Nico performed his live set as Omdatik in several venues in Milan such as Franco Parenti Theater during Elita Festival and Leonardo Da Vinci Science Museum, in London at The Doors Club during SugGenus night and in Bologna at Link. Nowday Nico lives in his hometown where he set up his studio.

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Ascion @ Erratic Podcast 21

Techno producer Pasquale Ascione, also known as Ascion, was born in Naples Italy. As a child, he was fascinated by electronics and his hunger for technology quickly matured. When the introduction to electronic music emerged, Ascion immediately indulged himself into the local underground scene. Soon he met friend and future collaborator, D. Carbone, who would play a major role in Ascion's electronic voyage. He began to experiment with different software, creating his own style and unique sounds. As his skills developed, so did his growing reputation. He was first discovered by Berlin's His debut EP, "F*** me", was released on Micro.fon, sublabel. After his debut's great success, Ascion caught the attention of Drumcode's Adam Beyer and Sci-Tec's Dubfire. Leading up to two major releases, "Kick On" (DC55) and "Muzik Live Drop Be Doing" (TEC025), Ascion took his act on the road. He performed all over Europe with a highlighted stop at Berlin's historic club Tresor. Constantly evolving, embracing music and cultures of all styles, Ascion is a producer to keep an eye on, especially his new project with friends, artist and producer D.Carbone and Shapednoise called Repitch.

Santiago Salazar / No Sleep Promo mix 2012

Santiago Salazar aka DJ S2 started deejaying in the early '90s inspired by mix tapes his brother was bringing back from the Gay underground scene in Los Angeles. His style has always been a mixture of house and techno.  After moving to Detroit, Santiago began his music training with Mike Banks, label founder of Underground Resistance. He mixed and edited several UR releases and remixed the mighty "Return of the Dragons" and DJ Rolando's "Aguila". He released his own tracks under monikers like Aztech Sol and Seldom Seen and became a core member of the Los Hermanos and Galaxy 2 Galaxy live bands, using his DJ skills to control the flow and intensity of the live performances. Alongside long time friend Esteban Adame, Santiago recently formed Ican (short for mexican) and released a bunch of highly acclaimed 12"s both on Carl Craigs Planet E imprint as well as ICAN productions.

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D. Carbone come back again in the Old School

D. Carbone started to produce music in 2006 with his great friend Ascion they began a musical project that continues to grow still now. From Always he was fashinated by electronic music, the artist started his career with minimal sonority that was expressed in his first releases on labels like "Smallroom Music", "SCI + TEC," 8 Sided Dice "and many others. Davide was continually engaged in sound's finding that could express all of himself, made of deep sensation and industrial sonority.  His musical growth reaches its peak in the summer of 2010, when he moved in Berlin, D. found in this city a world where all belonged to him, where everything that surrounds it's underground and characterized by deep and industrial music. In this world, Davide could discover himself, finding all that he searched for long time in his life: dark and underground music that inspires him and connotes the most recent productions.

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Svreca - process part 297

This young Madrid-born DJ combines the coolest and most sophisticated electronica with the most abstract and complex techno, and sometimes his experimentation leads him towards the most unusual textures and rhythms for the dancefloor. In 2006 started his own label, Semantica Records.

Legowelt @ Electronique Podcast 159

Legowelt began producing music when in the early 90ies the adolescent autistic schoolboy came in sporadic contact with the sounds of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Model 500, Blake Baxter (probably his all-time favorite producer) and Chicago heroes such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Armando Gallop and mr.Fingers. Later on this palette of influences grew with early Mu-Ziq, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, various stuff from The Irdial Discs label and virtually every type of freaked deep music he could get his hands on.
But nothing had quite the influence of when, somewhere in the early 90ies, he first heard a band called 'Unit Moebius' on the radio. A punky palette of RAW freaked out Lo-fi chicago trax and deep detroit jams made with machines which were found next to the garbage can. Shocked in awe he heard that this music came out of The Hague, Holland The very same city he lived in! Put on the right track by this fact he stumbled into the Bunker Records office and discoverd a world of contemporary autistic freaked music lovers who looked beyond all the bland house and dance music that ruled the media and clubs. Musical mentors such as IF and Melvin White (aka pametex) lectured him with even more unknown sounds such as early electro and the obscure pre-1983 Italian disco which production secrets were closely studied. In 1998 Bunker released the first vinyl of Legowelt : Pimpshifter, a 6 track mingled Italo Chicago combi which became an instant cult hit with tracks such as 'Stumvogel' and 'Total Pussy Control'.
Apart from producing Legowelt has been playing live all over the world for the last 10 years. A lot of time together with Orgue Electronique and the infamous Bunker Team.

nAX_Acid - Promo Mix 2012

nAX_acid aka Andrea Ruffino, born in 1982, started playing electronic music when he was 17, after hearing classic early Aphex Twin albums. Since then he started collecting vinyl and playing every kind of electronic music from hardcore to electro, from drum & bass to techno. In 2004 he started making deep minimal, acid and Detroit techno influenced tracks. In 2005 moved to London from his native Italy and started to work for ‘disappear here’ record label (Kompakt) started by Chris Spero and Antony Sergeant. His first release in December 2006, “Friends & Crocodiles” which was well received on the underground London techno scene. Since 2007 he has started to put together his own label project called Aconito Records. "The label is a sonic experiment with techno, minimal and with ambient and electronica, to create a new atmospheric techno voyage, which also works on the dance floor". After 3 years of studies and researches, finally graduated in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, he keep researching and evolving his sound both as a producer and artist, introducing new sonic aspect in his music and performances.

Brando Lupi at Smoke Machine Podcast 046

Producer, musician, DJ, photographer, Brando Lupi’s influences range anywhere from post industrial-rock, experimental electronic to modern classical. The Italian native has had a history working alongside a number of talented artists. Brando’s releases have been picked up by the likes of Orange Groove , Kompakt , Samuvar , Dewtone Recordings , Mental Groove , Detune Records and Elettronica Romana. He has recently composed a score for the movie “La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi”, distributed by Medusa,with the soundtrack signed by Mike Patton ,leader of Faith No More,and presented at the 67th Venice Film Festival. He currently resides in Rome, spreading experimental spiritual frequencies across the world.

Ben Sims live at Albeniz Dance Club, Gijon [04.02.2012]

From early formative days earning his stripes spinning hip hop, house and rave on pirate radio, and at parties around Essex and East London, through the 90’s as an ever more in demand DJ, and on into the new millennium as a label boss, producer and internationally recognised techno legend in his own right, Ben Sims has spent all his conscious life exploring all facets of underground dance music   Throughout that time, the man has honed his reputation as a tight, energetic mixer who skilfully weaves together his own distinctive blend of tough funk and hardgrooves, often using three-deck wizardry and plenty of dexterity. Be it at clubs like Fabric London, Atomic Jam, Berghain, Florida 135, or any number of festivals around the world, Sims’ sets are powerful, memorable, and unique, while constantly pushing the boundaries of a DJ set – utilising a mesmerizing blend of vinyl, CDs, and software.  As well as carving a reputation as one of the world’s leading techno DJs, Ben has curated many of his own revered labels over the years. Chief amongst them is Theory – an imprint this year celebrating it’s 40th release, that counts amongst it’s supporters contemporary connoisseurs like Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, and the old guard of Dave Clarke, Robert Hood, Rolando and more - proof, then, that Sims is on the form of his life production wise. Riding high on the wave of critical acclaim from his cultured debut long player on Drumcode, 2011’s Smoke & Mirrors, an album that voyages into Sim’s unique take on techno, coupled with authentic house outings, thanks to guest appearances from Chicago's Tyree Cooper and Detroit's Blake Baxter, whilst also showcasing plenty of dubbed-out and grainy textures.  Sims has put his name to more than 50 releases in the last two decades. 

Xhin live at Addicted - Cinema Club, Kiev [30.03.2012]

Xhin (pronounced as "sheen") has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997. Building a forte in sound design, he is best described as a sound futurist. His identical rhythmic structure and compositional techniques which incorporate elements of techno, tight sub bass, ambient and IDM delivers a hint of chaotic soundscape amidst artistry. A Singaporean by birth and residence, he independently released "Xycle", a self-promotional ep that made the industry to stand up to take notice, in early 2003. He then followed with his debut album, "Supersonicstate" the following year.  In 2006, his talent has been discovered by a German independent record label Meerestief. With a remix that he has done for Dublin's Five Green Circle's track entitled Ronan's BBQ has created a storm over Europe. Praised, supported and charted by heavy weights from the world of electronic music. Then in 2009, Xhin has found a new home. He joined Berlin's then new techno label, Stroboscopic Artefacts to release his dark, intense and experimental side of things. From the results of his new releases for the label, he has done it again. Heavy rotation from the big boys like Speedy J, Luke Slater, Ben Klock and many more to mention. This will be yet again the beginning of an old new direction for him to explore and experiment sounds even deeper for his future releases. So what's new and exciting coming out of his bag? A long awaited 3rd album since his 2nd one entitled Greyscale for Meerestief is set to be released on Stroboscopic Artefacts some time in late 2011.

Derrick May - Ibiza Spotlight Podcast 086 [30.03.2012]

Of the Belleville Three, the cadre of early Detroit producers who tested the limits of spirit within electronic dance music and changed the integrity of the form forever, Derrick May's reputation as an originator remained intact despite more than a decade of recording inactivity. While Juan Atkins is rightly looked at as the godfather of techno, with a recording career beginning in the electro scene of the early '80s and encompassing some of the most inspired tracks in the history of dance music; and Kevin Saunderson is the Detroit producer with the biggest mainstream success through his work with vocalist Paris Grey as Inner City, May's position as an auteur eroded slightly during the 1990s due to a largely inexplicable lack of activity. As far as influence counts as part of the equation, however, May recorded the techno tracks which top dance producers point to as the most original and influential. The classic Derrick May sound is a clever balance between streamlined percussion-heavy cascades of sound with string samples and a warmth gained from time spent in Chicago, enraptured by the grooves of essential DJs like Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. May's Transmat Records label was the home of his best material, cuts like "Nude Photo," "Strings of Life," "Kaos" and "It Is What It Is," most produced from 1987 to 1989 as Rhythim Is Rhythim. And though his release schedule all but halted during the 1990s, he continued DJing around the world and honed Transmat into one of the most respected techno labels in the world.  
After high-school graduation May attended university on a football scholarship. He soon tired of the academic life though, and returned to Detroit, where he worked in an arcade. During his frequent trips to Chicago to visit his mother, he had gotten hooked up with Chicago's familial house scene, then in its infancy. May was fascinated by the warmth and community feeling engendered at spots like the Power Plant and the Music Box, where DJs Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy used elaborate turntable set-ups and reel-to-reel machines to create mastermixes which re-invoked the spirit of disco even while pushing music forward. May brought Saunderson to the clubs several times as well, and stayed in Chicago for up to a year. When he again returned to Detroit, the need for a club to call his own caused May and the Deep Space family to found the Music Institute. It soon became the hub of Detroit's ever-growing underground musical family, a place where May, Atkins and Saunderson DJed along with cohorts Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes and Blake Baxter. The club invigorated a badly fractured sense of community for many residents, and changed the lives of second-wave technocrats like Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin and Richie Hawtin.