Thursday, March 22, 2012

Submerge // Liveset 3

When you think of techno in the millennium you think of a handful of artist; Submerge being one of them. It's no surprise that he has been one of the most talked about act in 2011. After his performance at Nature one, Camera Club, Fabrik, and Berghain, Submerge has become one of the most demanded act in techno. His music can be heard from some of the biggest acts in the business, including Dave Clarke, Adam beyer, Chris Leibing, Richie Hawtin, Submerge is producing for artist such as Japanese Star Ken Ishii, Luke Slater, The Advent and Alan Fitzpatrick. His MOte Evolver release for Luke Slater ranked top techno seller on Beatport over the past summer. Expect to see more of him this year

Mick Finesse - They sex Machine // Perc Remix
Josh winx - Sixth Sense // Vocal
Gary Beck - Feel It - Bek
Technoyzer - Hyperspace
House of God Sample
Brendon Moeller - Wanderer // Jonas Kopp Remix
Djorvin Clain Sub Sequence
The Advent - Work // Spiriakos Remix
Submerge - Dismantle // Octave Remix
LA Riots - The Drop // Duke Demont Remix
Truncate - Transients V2 Original
Patrick Krieger - Monolith
A-Brothers - Drugged Matter // Brian Burger Remix
Hibara - 1310 // Submerge Remix
Peter van Hoesen - Last one at 1080
The Advent and Industrialyzer - Phantom Power
Mikael Pfeiffer - Slum // Sutter Cane Remix
Technoyzer - AT7-21
Terence Fixmer -, Things are over // Speedy J
Bleak - ekko
Bang the Box Sample
Jonas Kopp - Anklad
The Advent and Industrialyzer - Rockstar
A.Mochi - Phantom
Hans Bouffmyhre - Easy Meat // Octave remix
Tommy Four Seven - Sor
Angel Alanis - Pretty Lights
David Stevens - venus // Truncate Remix
Ralph Mirto - Caustic // Alex bau Remix
Ame - Rej

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