Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Forward Strategy Group @ Prosthetic Pressings Podcast #13

The beating heart of the group is its corporate family: Smear, Patrick Walker and new member Adrian Ross. They have recorded individually and together to produce music not only on their own imprints but also a number of international labels such as Zooloft, MNX, PERC Trax, Yb70, Kompakt Digital, Mash Up and more under a range of ever growing pseudonyms and styles.
Not only have their records been supported by key players such as Surgeon, Peter Van Hoesen, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, Marcel Heese, Inigo Kennedy, Mike Parker, Rob Hall and Donato Dozzy, but Smear and Walker’s live shows have been causing a storm at UK clubs such as Plex, Detatched, Noise Pollution, Substance and Krucht earning them a powerful reputation both in the studio and live on stage.
They’ve recently released the debut 12? on new FSG sub-label Retail and Leisure, which focuses on a more stripped-down and abstract take on their individual sounds and firmly introduces Ross as an artist of note within their stable while the recent FSG remix of Perc’s BCG on the Vertigo Trax EP (Perc Trax) will surely see a ton of dj support throughout the summer and beyond.

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Convextion - Crawling And Hungry
Tom Dicicco - Circa
Mono Junk - Input 3 (Loop)
Holy Noise - 101100
Levon Vincent - Making Headway
Errorsmith - Free For All
Tom Dicicco - Strick
Shifted - Image//Channel (Loop)
Unknown Artist - Unit 1
Woo York - Oka
Peter Van Hoesen - Rites De Passage (Naeba Variant)
Forward Strategy Group - Drones Club
Asc - Capsule
Kenaz - Uncud
Secluded - Dimention (Jonas Kopp 5th Dimention Remix)
Mike Dehnert - Pneumatic
Svreca - Obscur ‘Silent Servant Remix’
Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 1)
And - Granular
Shapednoise - White Light (Dino Sabatini Remix)
Joseph Mcgeechan - Failed By The Conformists (Ancient Methods Sgt Howie Remix)
Forward Strategy Group - A Greyed Out Life

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