Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black Smith Craft liveset at Resonance [02.03.2012]

Spurred on by the development of increased exposure through radio he started honing his skills in music production and the ‘Alphaground’ website was born. This brought about more exposure for his music mission and by 2004 Tyler was performing on a number of key profile dance music stations in France and Holland. During 2006 he launched ‘Interstate 94’ show with Erell Ranson & Pedro Cali for, which was dedicated to the sound of Detroit. This was quickly followed by the aptly named ‘B-Side Show’ which showcased the darker, offbeat & industrial sounds. Currently the main man is managing different shows playing classics from way back, Detroit & Birmingham tunes on, Emergence FM (Limoges/France), and

In 2006 Tyler’s finally realized the goal of having his debut vinyl release which was in collaboration with Bionic on French label ‘Audiocrash’. This was quickly followed by several upstanding digital releases. Over the years Tyler’s side to the music has become darker & more industrial, which in turn has led to the birth of his most acclaimed project: Black Smith Craft… With music released already on distinct labels from the scene and more on the way for labels including Grovsjopa’s mighty ‘Pohjola’, Leeds finest ‘Limetree’, UTCH rec. & Rednox’ superb free net-label ‘Ante-Rasa’, the future is looking very bright…

Since 2008, Tyler has played across Europe alongside artists like Kr!z, the 65d mavericks, Bas Mooy, DJ Toki, DJ Boss, Bionic, Dimitri Pike, Arrestar, Sean Matters, Systemic, Victor Martinez… More recently, he has created the ‘Technotherapy’ group on Soundcloud to keep the real techno spirit alive and promote both established and up and coming techno artists from around the world. He’s now hosting Ben Sims’ “Funk you” mix series in his radio shows every month through a partnership with the artist himself.

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Surgeon - Another body
Function - Descending
Surgeon - Those who do not
Traversable wormhole - Exiting the Milkway (Surgeon remix)
Sterac - Spetsnaz
Max Duley - Into black
James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad remix)
Victor Martinez - Dav to dub
James Ruskin - The outsider
Coefficient - Heliosphere
Coeffizient - Vakuum instability (Michaelangelo remix)
Phase - Plateau station
EQD - Equalized # 111 05
The Black dog - High rise choir reprise
Woody Mc Bride - Arakis
Go Hiyama - Residual set (Radial remix)
Jake Conlon - P sequence
Objekt - Porcupine
James Ruskin - Take control (Surgeon remix)
Go Hiyama - Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Steve Stoll - Model T
The Advent - It one jah (Damon Wild remix)
Ben Sims - Bullet
I1 Ambivalent - Reason it (original mix)
Oscar Mulero - Seleccion natural
A. Paul - Oya
Ben Sims - Arena of the unwell
Ritzi Lee - Black dust
LSG - The Blaxone
Bas Mooy - Angstgegner (A. Paul remix V2)
Phase - Binary opposition (process 1)
Ed Chamberlain - Synthia (Surgeon remix)

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