Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rrose @ Electronique Podcast #153

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George Brecht + James Tenney with George Maciunas - Exit (excerpt) [Tellus]
Frieder Butzmann - Arbeitslied II [Zensor]
Timeblind - Dead Tech (Routine Transubstantion Procedure) [Kanzleramt]
Miles - Flawed [Modern Love]
Miles - Primer [Modern Love]
Laurel Halo - Head [Hippos In Tanks]
Actress - Ivy May Gilpin [Werk]
Soylent Green - Low Pt. 2 [Playhouse]
Hertsi - Oodi Sähkölle [Sähkö]
nsi. - Ring [non standard productions]
Conforce - Revolt DX [Delsin]
Lucy - Falling Empire [Mote Evolver]
Truss/Donor - Endo 2 [Perc Trax]
Mark Ernestus - Meets BBC [Honest Jon's]
DVS1 - Departure [Enemy]
Planetary Assault Systems - Human Like Us [Ostgut Ton]
Kit Clayton - Substitution (reduced) [no label]
Cristian Vogel - XPUTE [Tresor]
Elemental - Raw Material [Hotflush]
Joey Beltram - Ogo [Trax]
Oscar Mulero - Tidal Acceleration [Pole]
Function - Ember [Sandwell District]
Claude Young - Concentration Factor [Djax]
Russell Haswell - A Horde Of Flies Feast On A Rotting Pheasant Carcass [Mego]
Powell - 09 [Diagonal]
Terence Fixmer w/ Claudio PRC - Lunar Forest [Prologue]
MLZ - OneState [Modern Love]
Ventress - B1 [Avian]
Rrose - Waterfall [unreleased mix]
Jeff Mills - Spiral Therapy [Axis]
Silent Servant - Calm Waters [unreleased]
George Brecht + James Tenney with George Maciunas - Entrance… (excerpt) [Tellus]

Rrose at Electronique Podcast #153

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