Saturday, February 18, 2012

Panabrite at Ssg special

The solo outfit of Seattle-based composer and graphic artist Norm Chambers. Inspired by science fiction, retro futuristic and conceptual architecture, kosmische and new age, obscure electronic library productions and odd soundtracks, with a big love for vintage technology and analog synthesizers. Studied graphic design as well as fine arts. Panabrite (Seattle keyboardist Norm Chambers) works in the hazy, analog-synth-laden zone between kosmische drift and new age waft. Such artists tread a fine line between sublimity and schmaltz, but Panabrite confidently steers his armada of tones to the former state.

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Giampiero Boneschi "Etude Rythmiques No. 165" from Caratteristici (Fonit, 197?)
Arturo Stalteri "Il Prisma Magico" from Andre Sulla Luna (RCA, 1979)
Giorgio Moroder "Aus (The End)" from Einzelganger (Oasis, 1975)
*segway: Jean C. Roche "Gran Sabana (edit)" from Oiseaux du/Birds of Venezuela
Venn Rain "Velvet Trees" from Humming Hills (Goldtimers Tapes, 2011)
Eric Peters "Haunted Planet" from Music for Synthesizers (Studio G, 1978)
Gianni Safred "Electronic Brain" from Futuribile:The Life to Come (Music Scene, 1978)
Charlatan "Like Glass" from Charlatan/Spare Death Icon split (Stunned, 2011)
Lino Capra Vaccina "Voce In XY" from Antico Adagio (No label,1978)
Gary Sloan "Turbo" from Nightraid (Proof, 1983)
Malcolm Cecil "Birth of Light" from Radiance (Unity, 1981)
David Casper "Crystal Waves 1" from Crystal Waves (Hummingbird, 1984)
Enno Velthuys "Untitled #7" from Ontmoeting (Kubus Kassettes, 1982)

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