Monday, February 27, 2012

Ascion @ Invite's Choice Podcast 043

Techno producer Pasquale Ascione, also known as Ascion, was born in Naples Italy. As a child, he was fascinated by electronics and his hunger for technology quickly matured. When the introduction to electronic music emerged, Ascion immediately indulged himself into the local underground scene. Soon he met friend and future collaborator, D. Carbone, who would play a major role in Ascion's electronic voyage. He began to experiment with different software, creating his own style and unique sounds. As his skills developed, so did his growing reputation. He was first discovered by Berlin's His debut EP, "F*** me", was released on Micro.fon, sublabel. After his debut's great success, Ascion caught the attention of Drumcode's Adam Beyer and Sci-Tec's Dubfire. Leading up to two major releases, "Kick On" (DC55) and "Muzik Live Drop Be Doing" (TEC025), Ascion took his act on the road. He performed all over Europe with a highlighted stop at Berlin's historic club Tresor. Constantly evolving, embracing music and cultures of all styles, Ascion is a producer to keep an eye on, especially his new project with friends D.Carbone and Shapednoise, called Repitch.

Black Smith Craft @ Dark garden podcast 003

Back in the Day, Tyler Smith aka ‘Black Smith Craft’ discovered the unique sound of acid house and was immediately captured by the hypnotic vibe that emanated from the music during the end of the 1980’s. He found himself seduced & consumed by this wave of electronic music and fell in love with the German melodic trance style labels such as Eye-Q, Platipus and Superstition, as many of us did…
Having followed dance music in all its forms throughout the 1990’s he started DJ’ing and by the turn of the millennium he started to develop a taste for the more underground techno sound which was coming out of England, Germany & especially the Detroit sound of the time…
Tyler Smith had always wanted to be involved with radio broadcasts and this ambition kicked off in earnest when he started playing regularly on the ‘Tuesday Session’ show, broadcast on the very popular Campus FM (Villeneuve d’Ascq/France), which was run by Dmitri Pike of Mirage/Matrix/Subject Detroit fame. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kenny Larkin @ cadenza podcast 008 // Cycle + Source

To most electronic music aficionados, Detroit native Kenny Larkin is a man who needs no introduction. His impressive 20-year history of creating arguably some of the most timeless, soulful techno ever created, is unquestionable. But, to the newer generation of club-goers, who aren’t aware of his contributions, 2012 serves as the year to re-establish his position as one of the most valuable forces in dance music today.
Larkin returned from a break, and re-established himself with his, “Keys, Strings,Tambourines.” The album was released on the legendary Planet e, and was voted by Pop Matters magazine as the ninth best electronic albums of 2008. For their selection of top 20 albums of 2008, well respected website, Resident Advisor, listed Larkin’s album at 18. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Δkkord - Electronic Explorations Mix - 183

A collective of like minded artists raised in and around the rural outskirts of Manchester. Bringing together years of musical knowledge and experience to collectively channel their sound into a eclectic hybrid of all the electronic music they were brought up on from youth. Combined with a passion for minimalism, art, design, mathematics and sacred geometry.

Detroitrocketscience Mix 002 [Promomix for 2012]

+++ tracklist +++

Detroitrocketscience - Alpha Control
Akiko Kiyama - Insectivorous
Carsten Schorr and Automatt - Sportschuh
Sasha Carassi - Polychromatic [Bodyscrub Multichromatic Remix]
Sam Paganini - Cobra
Justin Berkovi - Zero Zero Two [Kyle Geiger Remix]
David Christoph - Fear Frequency [Bodyscrub Remix]
Beardman - Satellite [Mix One]
James Ruskin - Black Lines
Adam Jay - This Life's Purpose [Bryan Zentz Remix]
Abi Bah - 40th Thief
Justin Berkovi - Black Rain
Ben Sims - Smoke And Mirrors
Alan D. Oldham - Minimal Soul

Monday, February 20, 2012

Italiansgroove at Stromkraft Radio with Dany Angelelli [16.02.2012]

Dany Angelelli [Luminar Records] 

Born into a family of musicians, he approaches the world of DJing at the age of 13 years and after several years of hard work to define his mixing technique, Dany has playes for first time in a rave in 1993. 

In 2011 he founded with Sandro Galli the Luminar Records Label.  Innovation, research and testing to 360 degrees are the foundation of this projectl that comes from a twenty-year experience of its founders in the same world of electronic music. Inspired by the Roman metropolis, its culture and especially its electronic musical sub-culture, combines all the nuances of modern electronics. 

Out now his latest release on Luminar Records - The Pilot Ep

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Darkmode @ The Zone Records Podcast #037

Darkmode first started producing music back in 1998 with his debut EP ‘Fish on Bricks’. Having made a name for himself in the Techno scene in Newcastle, Darkmode’s raw techno and darkwave electro grabbed the attention of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Keith Tenniswood, Regis, DJ Bone and Jason Leach (Subhead) after his initial release ‘The DATA EP’ on Suibom Serum’s label ‘Testin Out Records’.

The release gained great reviews in DJ MAG, M8 Magazine and on and was on the top 10 play lists of Shelly Parker, DP-6 & it was charted and played by Ben Sims on his Split radio show. It also ended up on the Electro best sellers chart on Juno Download when it eventually got a digital release in Aug 2007.

Panabrite at Ssg special

The solo outfit of Seattle-based composer and graphic artist Norm Chambers. Inspired by science fiction, retro futuristic and conceptual architecture, kosmische and new age, obscure electronic library productions and odd soundtracks, with a big love for vintage technology and analog synthesizers. Studied graphic design as well as fine arts. Panabrite (Seattle keyboardist Norm Chambers) works in the hazy, analog-synth-laden zone between kosmische drift and new age waft. Such artists tread a fine line between sublimity and schmaltz, but Panabrite confidently steers his armada of tones to the former state.

AnD - Droid Behavior Podcast D-Node #146 | Inner Surface Music [15.02.2012]

+++ tracklist +++

Utu – Beyond the Mirrors
Forward Strategy Group – Labour Division
Unknown Artist – Untitled
Tom Dicicco – Delay 81 (Shifted Rmx)
Mike Parker – Solar Limb
TBR – Ganymede
Patrick Krieger – Symbolism (Sawf Rmx)
Conrad Van Orton – Vilix
Zooloft 00I – A
Joey Beltram – Back Porch
Richard Devine – Varseop (Drumcell Rmx)
Ben Gibson – Implex
Shifted – Telic
Shapednoise – White Light, White Head
Female – Spoil
Truncate – Transients V2
Marcel Dettmann – Deluge
Shifted – Spire
Albert Van Abbe – Version
Subject – Vault Series8 A1
Fuse v Lfo – Loop
EQD – 05 A
Nax Acid – 5 Oct 1971
Inigo Kennedy – Squirkle

Silent Servant - CLR Podcast #155 [13.02.2012]

Central American born Silent Servant has performed worldwide in clubs  from LA, Berlin to Osaka. A chance meeting with Karl O'Conner in 1999  would establish a friendship that would open the door to the Sandwell District label in 2006. Silent Servant's sound is a reinterpretation of  early '80s post-punk electronics, paired with the deep,  metallic sounds of Basic Channel and Downwards. A veteran DJ from the age of 16, He Along with technical wizards Kit Clayton and  Sutekh, helped shed light on the small but impactful minimal techno scene on the  west coast during the lates 90's and early 2000's.

Alex Mason - Substance D Mix

+++ tracklist +++

Diego - Back Jack Back (Kanzleramt)
Diego - Mind Detergend (Kanzleramt)
Reeko - No Atmosphere (Planet Rhythm)
Vice - Push (Black Nation)
Regis - Model Friendship (Downwards)
The Advent - Bad Boy (Planetary Assault Systems-Rmx) (Internal)
UK Gold - Instincts EP (Material)
Lighter Thief - Heroes Rturn 2010 (Hardgroove)
S.B. Project - Xtra Edit (Cosmic)
Little Nobody - Robota (Dave Tarrida-Rmx) (IF)
DMX Krew - Body Destruction (Breakin´)
Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (NEP)
Adam X - Balance Of Power (Sonic Groove)
Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings #6 (Cosmic)
The Advent - Heights (Internal)
Plastikman - Spastik (Mute)
Alex Cortex - PS-LL-11 (Bad Cop Bad Cop-Rmx) (Pomelo)
Inigo Kennedy - Revenge (Token)
Phase - Decode (Token)
Oliver Ho - Many Worlds (Meta)
Fumiya Tanaka - Continuation (Torema)
Diego - The Voice (Rave Mix) (Kanzleramt)

Amir Razanica - My Dark Techno Set [05.02.2012]

+++ tracklist +++

Marcel Fengler – Thwack (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Axel Karakasis - Flame (Original Mix)
Couch Lock - Ostkurve (Hackler & Kuch Remix B)
Deh - Noizer - Adapted (Original Mix)
D-Unity - Private Stalker (Dandi & Ugo vs. Niereich Remix)
El Diablo - Invaders (Kereni Remix)
Exhaust - Lethal Machine
Flug - 13d (Pfirter Remix)
Matt Minimal – Acid (Original Mix)
MicRoCheep, Mollo - Fake Product (Original Mix)
Stevie Wilson - Infinite Intuition
Amir Razanica - Screaming (original mix)
Amir Razanica - Chromosom (Original mix)
Amir Razanica - Deep Hole
Par Grindvik - Sinister (Gary Beck Remix)
Plankton Mada - Antiz (Sasha Carassi Remix)
Tom Laws - Cosmoslut (Original Mix)
Tony Rohr - Eden Acid (The Advent, Industrialyzer Remix)
Axel Karakasis - 4th Floor (Original Mix)
Tom Laws - Stranger With My Face (Sasha Carassi Remix)

Friday, February 10, 2012

ASC - Kana Broadcast 027

ASC  aka James Clements

Growing up in different areas of England, on a steady diet of Motown, Techno & the blossoming UK Hardcore scene, his productions manage to encompass such a wide range of these influences. Starting out DJ’ing with a bunch of like- minded friends on pirate radio stations while still in school, ASC soon found himself getting interested in how the tracks he was playing were made. This led to an investment in a modest studio setup, which proved to be a defining point in James’ life.
An initial batch of tracks were written between 1997-1999, and eventually a 7 track demo appeared, of which 6 were signed to West Midlands based Nu Directions, and the remaining track was signed to LTJ Bukem’s well known Good Looking Records. After a handful of successful releases on these labels and a few others, James started his own label, Covert Operations, which went on to put out a total of 30 vinyl releases & 8 CD’s between 2000 & 2009.After receiving much praise for his intricately detailed and well thought out productions, ASC amassed a serious back catalogue of releases on some of the most forward thinking labels out there, such as 720 Degrees, Offshore, and Paradox’s Outsider label. 2010 has seen the release of Nothing Is Certain, the album James released on Instra:mental’s popular NonPlus+ label, to great critical acclaim. Widespread reviews have cited it as one of the best electronic music long players for the year. Hot on the heels of that, ASC has launched his new imprint, Auxiliary.  

19.454. at Field Recording 033

Stretching back to outfits like Basic Channel and Underground Resistance, the concept of anonymity has a long and rich history when it comes to techno. While the internet may have blown helped fans to get to the bottom of who is exactly behind many of these releases, the last few years have seen a new wave of labels and producers arrive on the scene, determined not to let image get in the way of the music.The mysterious UK-based Frozen Border collective are just one of the imprints that have decided to shroud themselves in secrecy.

Tyler Smith at Ranson's Chroma show on Viasound Radio [08.02.2012]

+++ tracklist +++

Igor Zotik - Sonika flight (Samoil Radinski remix)
Takasi Nakajima - Unpablisheded sound
TR - Tecnewa
SAWF - Unrythm (Marcel Fengler remix)
Monkey Harris - Reflections of the mind (original mix)
Motorcity - Deep space
Alessandro Diga - Interlude (original mix)
Sidearms - Odyssey
Petar Dundov - Desert island
Monkey Harris - Downtown (original mix)
Samoil Radinski - Izvor 2
Motorcity - Cosmic dust
Organon - Time perception
BFC - Galaxy
Jupi - Cafe la Mota
Agore - Silent soul
Chymera - Caprica burning (Dave Ellesmere's rites of springs mix)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chris @ process part 293 (we may be through with the past...)

Chris Hobson is one of the founders of the legendary mnml ssgs blog, listen his music is always a great experience into electronic music...

[Video] Brendan M Gillen aka Electromorph

Brendan M Gillen aka Electromorph recounts the stormy history of Detroits musical heritage

Rrose @ Electronique Podcast #153

+++ tracklist +++

George Brecht + James Tenney with George Maciunas - Exit (excerpt) [Tellus]
Frieder Butzmann - Arbeitslied II [Zensor]
Timeblind - Dead Tech (Routine Transubstantion Procedure) [Kanzleramt]
Miles - Flawed [Modern Love]
Miles - Primer [Modern Love]
Laurel Halo - Head [Hippos In Tanks]
Actress - Ivy May Gilpin [Werk]
Soylent Green - Low Pt. 2 [Playhouse]
Hertsi - Oodi Sähkölle [Sähkö]
nsi. - Ring [non standard productions]
Conforce - Revolt DX [Delsin]
Lucy - Falling Empire [Mote Evolver]
Truss/Donor - Endo 2 [Perc Trax]
Mark Ernestus - Meets BBC [Honest Jon's]
DVS1 - Departure [Enemy]
Planetary Assault Systems - Human Like Us [Ostgut Ton]
Kit Clayton - Substitution (reduced) [no label]
Cristian Vogel - XPUTE [Tresor]
Elemental - Raw Material [Hotflush]
Joey Beltram - Ogo [Trax]
Oscar Mulero - Tidal Acceleration [Pole]
Function - Ember [Sandwell District]
Claude Young - Concentration Factor [Djax]
Russell Haswell - A Horde Of Flies Feast On A Rotting Pheasant Carcass [Mego]
Powell - 09 [Diagonal]
Terence Fixmer w/ Claudio PRC - Lunar Forest [Prologue]
MLZ - OneState [Modern Love]
Ventress - B1 [Avian]
Rrose - Waterfall [unreleased mix]
Jeff Mills - Spiral Therapy [Axis]
Silent Servant - Calm Waters [unreleased]
George Brecht + James Tenney with George Maciunas - Entrance… (excerpt) [Tellus]

Monday, February 06, 2012

Chris Finke liveset at Last Ever Atomic Jam // The Que Club [28.01.2012]

+++ tracklist +++

Unknown - Dance 4 Life - White Label
Altered Natives - In My House - Eye4Eye Recordings
Vince Watson - Sequential (Paul Woolford Remix) - Bio
Vril - UV - Hot N Heavy
Bodikka & Joy Orbison - Swims - Swamp 81
The Fear Ratio - Mas - Blueprint
Modeselektor - Evil Twin (Dub) - Monkeytown Germany
Mark Broom - Got Me Working (Chris Finke Remix) - Flux Recordings
Chris Finke - Euphemism - Mote Evolver
Suburban Knight - Art Of Stalking
Trackman - Don't Stop (Chris Finke Edit) - Flux Recordings
Anthony Shakir - The Floorfiller (Skudges Floor Killer Version) - Rush Hour
Chris Finke - Shut That Door (Rave) - Flux Recordings
Chris Finke - Dance Of Death - Trapez

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mike Heron exclusive set for Italiansgroove @ Stromkraft Radio

+++ tracklist +++

Function - Ember (Field)
Caytas & Patz - Are you Afraid
Gel Abril & Andrea Oliva - Veto
Niederflur - Element 3
Siopis - Lost Battleships (Adam Port rmx)
Malte Seddig - Downstream Movement
Insect Elektrika - Mustage On Ice
Billy Dalessandro - Urban Decay
Someone Else - Pillowface
Abi Bah - Killer Snake
Digitaline - Neon
Alpine - Denim
Rino Cerrone & Markantonio - Revolution is Back
Atomic Alphabet - Erroi
Todd Terje - Swing Star (part 1)

Machine exclusive set for Italiansgroove @ Stromkraft Radio

Ness live at Organik 2nd Anniversary in Taipei // Smoke Machine Podcast 040

Fabio Scalabroni - Structures

+++ tracklist +++

Ishq - Sama
The Sight Below - Nowhere
Fluxion - Tides
Leftover - Chasm
Sub Made - City cuts
Isodyne - River of ruin
Giriu Dvasios - Kur veda misko takai
Fabio Scalabroni - Rainfloor
Rod Modell - Temple
King Midas sound - Goodbye girl (echospace rework)
Stefan Gubatz - An
Fabio Scalabroni - Distant smell