Sunday, December 11, 2011

Void aka Gigi Galli @ T_Mood #016 [17.11.2011]

Void aka Gigi Galli debut on his Dj career when he was 13, in 1991 on a local radio station. When he was 16 he become resident Dj at Giona club in Fondi (LT) sharing the console with turntable prophets as Mike Dunn and Lory D. In the next years gigi focused on exploring the infinite fields of electronic music finding is own sound in the techno district. In the end of the '90 after some travels on several european cities he come in contact with the rave cultural moviment and decided to move to Rome, becoming part of the roman industrial-experimental-electronic music scene collaborating with Anna Bolena (dj, producer and founder of cult record label Idroscalo Records) organizing party and events. In the 2003 with a couple of friends he promoted rave culture in Latina's province with the organization of Transhumanz festival, a crossover party of two days with rock bands and djs. Later he joins C.A.GA. (Cineteca Atomica GArigliano) a collective that organize 360° cultural events voted to a real experimentation attitude and also Brigadisco, an indie record label born in the 2009 and immediately become active and important trought the whole italian indie music circuit.

Music without barriers , that' s the way that Gigi Galli plays it dosen' t matter if the location is a small club or a huge warehouse he' s always intrested on create the good empaty with the audience. Actually Gigi is working on a couple of new releases and also playing his music live with some really good friends as Kill Ref (performing as a napalm blast duo called Kill-Traxx) or Daniele Cavaliere and also Anna Bolena, she lives in berlin now and Gigi often plays at kreuzberg sauerkraut filled parties as "Homopatik" and "Attenzione Alla Puttana Santa".


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