Friday, December 16, 2011

Chris Madak aka Bee Mask @ Ssg special

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Telecult Powers "Thoughts through Space", from "Zion Traveler" lp (Baked Tapes, 2011)
Fluxmonkey "a2", from "Sorry Jack" cs (Everyone Else has a Record Label so Why Can't I?, 2010)
Jonathan Zorn "You Cannot Do Everything" from "You Cannot Be Everywhere, You Cannot Do Everything" cs (Autumn, 2011)
Sam Goldberg "Untitled 2", from "Dark Corners" cs (Tusco Embassy, 2007)
Schurt Kwitters "Untitled 2", from "Schurt Kwitters" lp (Open Mouth, 2010)
Quicksails "A Walk to Forget", from ", from "Diamond Servants" 7" lathe (Cylindrical Habitat Modules, 2011)
HNY "It's All Ending", from "How I Learned to Live" cs (Ranky Tanky, 2011)
Robin Fox "Melophobia (Final Edit)", from "A Handful of Automation" cs (deMego, 2010)
Chemtrails "Stolen Time Capsule", from "Final Society" cs (Cylindrical Habitat Modules, 2010)
Michael Shannon "Untitled 1" from "Sensa Atmospheres" cs (Autumn, 2011)
  Son of Earth "Upward Impetus, from "Improvements" lp (Amish, 2009)
Three Legged Race "Untitled 1", , from "Scattered Duels Thawing" cdr (Mountaain Door, 2009)
  Matt Carlson, "Desert Level", from "Gecko Dream Levels" cs (Gift Tapes, 2010)
  Drainolith "Hilux", from "Hilux/Pushing Sand" cs (private press, 2010)
Positive Shadow, "Untitled 1", from "Replication Slave" cs (Catholic Tapes, 2010)
Satanized "The Fear (to Penetrate)", from "Technical Virginity" lp (Skin Graft, 2011)
  Skin Graft "Dystrophy", from "Dystrophy" cd (Hanson, 2011)
Tusco Terror "Fire Extinguisher", from "LiveNYD2007" cs (Tusco Embassy, 2007)
Aaron Dilloway "Labyrinths and Jokes", from "Modern Jester" cdr promo (Hanson, 2011)
Steve Hauschildt "Different Directions", from "The Stairwell is Long Gone" cs (Deception Island, 2008)
  Night Burger "Profligate", from "What Happens Next" cs (Deception Island, 2011)
  Dania Shapes "Art People", from "Holograd" cd (Paper Cities, 2007)
Bromp Treb "Welp", from "AudioVisual Cassette" cs (Yeay!, 2007)
John Clyde-Evans "Solfaard Time Change", from "Go Gracious Kiki Change" cs (Autumn, 2010) 

Container "Rattler", from "LP" lp (Spectrum Spools, 2011)
Joe Lentini "Firefly", from "Status in the Ballroom" lp (Schematic, 2011)
  Harmonizer "Landslide", from "World Complete" lp (Software, 2011)
Amazing Births "Whelm", from "Younger Moon" lp (Cylindrical Habitat Modules, 2011)
  Walter Carson "Untitled 1", from "Recalcitrants" lp (Gods of Tundra, 2007)
Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks "Sore Subject", from "Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks" LP (Wagon, 2011)
  Fragments "Untitled 1", from "Underground Ocean" cs (Hanson, 2008)
  Spare Death Icon "Whispers" from "Survival" cs (Gift Tapes, 2011)
Ryley Walker and Daniel Bachman "Sunny Side of the Blue
Ridge", from "Of Deathly Premonitions" cs (Plus Tapes, 2011)

An Interview with Chris Madak (AKA Bee Mask) @ foxy digitalis

Bee Mask-- Elegy For Beach Friday
Label - Spectrum Spools / Mego
Dedicated to the memory of Robert Seydel.
July 2011

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