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Stroef - Exploring the remainings of the Alpha sector // 2011 redone version [STR24]


Stroef - Exploring the remainings of the Alpha sector 
2011 redone version [STR24]
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+++ tracklist +++

Convextion – Equanimity [Down Low Music]
Brendon Moeller – Slight transition [Third Ear recordings]
Brendon Moeller – Jazz [Third Ear recordings]
Noidoi – Le Jer [Oslo]
Balil – North route (remix) [R&S]
Minilogue – Elephants parade [Wagon Repair]
Minilogue – Space (Radioslave’s panorama garage remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
Joel Mull – WR2 [Railyard]
The Martian – Resurgence [Red Planet]
Nino Santos & Lightem – Everytime (London FM remix) [Re-wind]
Dosem – Together [Sino]
Dosem – Parallel fate [Sino]
Tadeo – Chord on chord [Labworks]
The Vision – Liberation radio [Underground Resistance]
Juju & Jordash – Deep blue meanies (Robert Hood Sci-fi mix) [Dekmantel]
Area Forty One – Raindrop prelude [Ann Aimee]
Tony Lionni – Body and soul [Madhouse]
Rejected – For the people (Ben Klock remix) [Rejected]
Mike Dearborn – New dimension [Muzique]
Jeff mills – Something in the sky 007 B2 [SITS]
Convextion – Oil on metal [Time to express]
Claude Young – Brutal 2 [Djax up beats]
Convextion – Solum ferrum (extended version) [Down Low Music]
Minilogue – The leopard (Extrawelt remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
Cassegrain – Luban [Prologue]
Alpha 303 – Daydreamer [Orbis]
Terrence Fixmer – Dance like a paranoid (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Electric Deluxe]
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Sweet narcoses [Respekt]
Robert Hood – Alpha [M-Plant]
Jeff Mills – To protect and to obey [Axis]
Bryan Black – Black Asteroid (engine 1) [CLR]
Emika – Count backwards (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Ninja Tune]
Nick Dunton – Between worlds (Sandwell District remix) [Surface]
Emmanuel Top – Cyclic [Planete Rouge Records]
The Parallel – Nanotech [Komisch]
Robert Hood – Run [M-Plant]
Emptyset feat. Cornelis Harris - All together lost (Ben Klock glowing clap mix) [CLR]
Dino Sabatini – My second life [Prologue]
Giorgio Gigli – Spazio [Prologue]
Dosem Dabasics [Sino]
South Union - Stage 2 (Taho remix) [Lumina]
Tommy Four Seven – Verge (orignal) [CLR]
Area Forty One – Cumulonimbus [Ann Aimee]
Monobox – Downtown [M-Plant]
Unbroken Dub – Untitled dubs A1 [Rawax]
Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 4 [Prologue]
Legowelt – Furniture [Strange Life]
Faster – Omego [Kurbits]
Patrick Walker – Phase linear [Dynamic Reflection]
Jeff Mills – Detections of an unknown force [Axis]
Slam – The tritone [Paragraph]
Giorgio Gigli – Self reflection [Prologue]
The Nighttripper – Tone exploitation (Ken Ishii remix) [Underground Liberation]
Lutzenkirchen – Dread phase (Hertz remix) [Mutal respect]
Hertz – Manic [Respekt]
Roman Lindau – Avide [Fachwerk]
Mike Dehnert – Isolateur [Fachwerk]
Vril – UV [Ostguton]
Cosmin TRG – Lillasyster [Rouge Trade]
Vizar – The time (Ness remix) [Jato Unit]
Jeroen Search & Marcus Suckut – Jsms 4.3 [Figure]
Sigha – Over the edge (Shifted remix) [Our Circula Sound]
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Unvulnerable prototype [Zooloft]
Jeff Mills – Guidance [Axis]
Jeff Mills – Indications [Third Ear]
Suburban Knight - Mau Mau (The Spirit) [Underground Resistance]
Greg Gow – Twilight soul [Transmat]
Silvershower – Ice fractions 2.2 [Plus 8]
Voidloss – Moments of total emptiness [Dynamic Reflection]
Rob Alcock & Nick Wilson – Traces (Fumiya Tanaka remix) [Continual]
Jeff Mills – Something in the sky 007 B2 [SITS]
Norman – The green room [Kickin]
Jeff Mills – Spiral therapy [Axis]
Plastikman – Smak [M_nus]
Convextion – Live set cut Coolex [?]
Staffan Linzatti – Assembler [Searchlights]
The Martian – Ultra violet images [Red Planet]
Surgeon – Death before surrender [Downwards]
Planetary Assault Systems – function 1 [Peacefrog]
Literon – White falls [Not on Label Literon]
Jeff Mills – Veilles d’armes (the trouble we’ve seen) [Axis]
Pacou - All it takes [Cache]
Oscar Mulero – In a silent way [Pole]
Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Shed remix) [Dolly]
A Clockwork Orange OST – Record Store [?]
Jiskefet – Technofax [Double T music]

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