Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dj Skurge @ Redbull Musica Aademy Radio

DJ Skurge first got noticed DJing for East Detroit's Cabaret crowd, where UR's Mad Mike took note of his deep music knowledge. He soon became an integral part of camp UR, playing in Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Interstellar Fugitives, The Aquanauts and joining Juan Atkins in Model 500. He is deeply ingrained in the lore of Detroit city, making him a natural addition to the Underground Resistance folder. His stern dedication to the crafts has seen him take on the role of musical director in many projects, while he somehow found time to release some genre bending EPs of his own while recording with The Aquanauts and the current Model 500 crew. But for all the time spent being the self proclaimed "tall guy in the back, in the shadows" for these musical projects, he is still a DJ at heart.

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Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino - International Deejay Gigolo
Shifted Phases - Solar Wind - Tresor
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Dr. Bootygrabber (Mr. O's Miami Mix) - DetEleFunk
Chris 214 - The Manglers - Touchin' Bass
The Wee DJs - Shut Up - Digital Distortions
Submersible Machines - Blue Hole - Lunar Disko Records
Erik Travis - The Beat That You Love - F.A.C.T. Records
I-F - Moonbase Next To G. - Interdimensional Transmissions
ERP - Vox Automation - Frustrated Funk
Composite Profuse - RXX - MinimalRome
Agent Patrick & Data - Boogie Down Detroit (Original) - Southern Outpost
Espion - Witches - Bass4Bots
Aux 88 - I Need To Freak (Microknox Vocal Remix) - Direct Beat
Insektoid - Uncalculated Motion In Space - Mikrolux
Fix - Killmode - Electrofunk Records
D.I.E. - Programming - Clone
DJ Skurge - Untitled - White
Faceless Mind - Herr Furste - Lunar Disko Records
Ion Diver - A4 - Digital Distortions
UR - Death Of My Neighborhood - Underground Resistance

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