Friday, September 16, 2011

Chris from MNML SSGS presents “Dash forward, bravely!”

Chris Hobson is one of the founders of the legendary mnml ssgs blog, listen his music is always a great experience into electronic music...

Chris from MNML SSGS presents “Dash forward, bravely!”
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+++ tracklist +++

Jürgen Müller – “Jenseits Des Stromes” [Digitalis Recordings]

Pedro Magina – “Miyagi” [Not Not Fun Records]
Sand Circles – “Stellar Waves” [Not Not Fun Records]
Maria Minerva – “Hagasuxzzavol” [100% Silk]
LA Vampires Goes Ital – “Streetwise” [Not Not Fun Records]
Oni Ayhun meets Shangaan Electro [Honest Jon's Records]
LB – “Jealous Guy (Poeme Syncope)” [KK Records]
Crystal Castles – “Empathy” [Fiction Records]
Ekoplekz – “Thermodub” [Mordant Music]
Borngräber & Strüver – “Berlin Tribal Music” [M=minimal]
Roll the Dice – “The New Black (live)” [Leaf]
Bee Mask – “Causes and Cures” [Spectrum Spools]
Palms – “Boundary Waters (Gavin Russom remix)” [Rare Book Room Records]
Rene Hell – “Chamber Forte” [Type]
Delia Gonzalez w/ Gavin Russom – “Black Spring” [Astralwerks]
Mist – “Mist House” [Spectrum Spools]
The Miracle – “Breathe” [House Anxiety Records]

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