Friday, September 30, 2011

Dj K-1 aka Keith Tucker @ EPM Podcast # 025

+++ tracklist +++

Aux 88 - Real To Reel (Ellen Allien Remix)
Aux 88 - If Am Was Fm
Aux 88 - Stance
As1 - Visitors - Not Alone Chant (Aux 88 Remix)
Aux 88 - Shadow Dancing
Optic Nerve - Celestial (Deep Space Remix)
Aux 88 - Winter In Japan (Detroit Techno Mix)
Aux 88 - Electronic Cinema (Arne Weinberg Mix)
Optic Nerve - Anomoly
Optic Nerve - Techno Blvd Groove
K-1 - Technicolor (K1 Club Mix)
Aux 88 - Space Satelites (Black Tokyo Mix)
Aux 88 - Alias
Auxmen - Condor
Aux 88 - Exterrestrial Time Travelers (Gosub Remix)
Optic Nerve - Elements
K-1 - K-1 Theme (Dj Mix)
Aux 88 - Annihilating Rythm (Die Remix)
Aux 88 - Exsterterestrial Time Travlers (Original Mix)
Aux 88 - Control Panels (Dj Xed Remix)
K-1 - Techno Is On My Mind
Optic Nerve - Off To See The Wizard
Optic Nerve - Deep Space
Aux 88 - Black Tokyo (Niko Marks Remix)
Aux 88 - Mad Scientist
Optic Nerve - Virtual Depth Perception (Vocal)
Aux 88 - Time Portal (N-Ter Remix)
Aux 88 - Interstellar Travel Theme (Mr Velcro Fastner Mix)

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Guy Called Gerald // Clash Music DJ Mix Podcast [22.09.2011]

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Murcof - Cuerpo Celeste
Biosphere - Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings
Rainforest - Rainforest
Pan American - Shining Book
Arve Henriksen - Holography
Biosphere - From a Solid to a Liquid
Burial - Shell of Light
Zwicker - Dragon Fly – (EP version)
Legowelt - Deerdrive JX10
Bvdub - Tears for a Fallen Empire
Erell Randon - Cats in the Night
unknown - Fade
Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner - Dark Matter
Evol Peed - Svens Dust Devil remix
Shirazi - Illusion
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Heiligendamm 

Legowelt @ Das-Ist / Timbuk2, Bristol [30.07.2011]

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

T_MooD 007 presents: Mike Agent X Clark from Detroit [UR, Beatdown, Planet E]

T_MooD 007 presents: Mike Agent X Clark [16.09.2011]

+++ tracklist +++
Motown EP (EP) ? (2 versions) Third Ear Recordings 2003
Motown EP (12″, EP) Third Ear Recordings 2003
Motown EP (12″, EP, W/Lbl) Third Ear Recordings 2003
Natalie Lacosta (12″, W/Lbl, S/Sided) Not On Label 2004
Deep Reflections (CDr, Album) Not On Label 2005
Get Away (12″) Get Away (Piano “Love”… Crash Records (2) 1998
Moving (12″) Moving (Mike Clark’s F… Nite Life Collective 1999
Saved (2×12″) Saved (Mike Clark’s De… Gotsoul Records 2003
Hype Stuff (You Gotta Move To) (Comp) ? (2 versions) You’ve Got To Show Me Vibe Records (Detroit) 1990
In The Morning EP (12″, EP) Planet E 2000
G2 – Geology – A Subjective Study Of Planet E – Volume Two (CD, Comp, Mixed) In The Morning Planet E 2001
Movement – Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival 04 ? (2 versions) Press Interview Transmat … 2004
Movement – Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival 04 (DVD) Press Interview Transmat 2004
Movement – Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival 04 (DVD) Press Interview Transmat, NowonDVD 2004
Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 EP 1 (12″, EP, Comp) Third Ear Recordings 2007
High Tech Soul – Stvorení Techno Sveta (DVD) XMAG 2007
Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 EP 2 (12″, EP) Third Ear Recordings 2008
Detroit Beatdown Vol. 2 EP 3 (12″, EP) Third Ear Recordings 2008
Hype Stuff (You Gotta Move To) (Comp) ? (2 versions) You’ve Got To Show Me Vibe Records (Detroit) 1990
Hype Stuff (You Gotta Move To) (LP, Comp, P/Mixed) You’ve Got To Show Me Vibe Records (Detroit) 1990
Hype Stuff (You Gotta Move To) (Cass, Comp, P/Mixed) You’ve Got To Show Me Vibe Records (Detroit) 1990
Abstract Fusion ? (2 versions) Innervisions (The Sel… Track Mode … 1999
Abstract Fusion (2xLP, Cle) Innervisions (The Sel… Track Mode, Music Is… 1999
Abstract Fusion (CD) Innervisions (The Drea… Track Mode 1999
Geology – A Subjective Study Of Planet E – Volume Two (Comp) ? (2 versions) In The Morning Planet E 2001
Geology – A Subjective Study Of Planet E – Volume Two (CD) In The Morning Planet E 2001
G2 – Geology – A Subjective Study Of Planet E – Volume Two (CD, Comp, Mixed) In The Morning Planet E 2001
Detroit Beatdown (Volume One) (Comp) ? (2 versions) The Creeper, Let Your … Third Ear Recordings 2002
Detroit Beatdown (Volume One) (3xLP) The Creeper, Let Your … Third Ear Recordings 2002
Detroit Beatdown (Volume One) (2xCD, Comp) The Creeper, Let Your … Third Ear Recordings 2002
DJ Expo 2004 (CD, Promo, Ltd) Destination Berlin Groove Unlimited 2004
Detroit Beatdown In The Mix (CD, Mixed, Comp) Funk 2003, Lafayette G… Third Ear Recordings 2005
Detroit Beatdown Remixes (CD, Comp) Let Your Love (Charles… Third Ear Recordings 2005
Detroit Electronic Quarterly (Volume 2) (CD, Comp) Just A Thought Detroit Electronic Quarterly 2005
Dreams Of Home (File, MP3) Can U Feel Me SIXONESIX 2008
Unofficial Releases:
Mike Clark – Disco Re-Edits (12″, W/Lbl, Unofficial) Not On Label (Mike Clark) 2004
Mike Clark – Detroit Beatdown Edits (12″, Unofficial, W/Lbl, Ltd) Not On Label (Mike Clark) 2009

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Mike Clark production on Discogs

Mike Clark info @ Resident Advisor

Radioluogocomune web site

Stroef - Exploring the remainings of the Alpha sector // 2011 redone version [STR24]


Stroef - Exploring the remainings of the Alpha sector 
2011 redone version [STR24]
direct link here

+++ tracklist +++

Convextion – Equanimity [Down Low Music]
Brendon Moeller – Slight transition [Third Ear recordings]
Brendon Moeller – Jazz [Third Ear recordings]
Noidoi – Le Jer [Oslo]
Balil – North route (remix) [R&S]
Minilogue – Elephants parade [Wagon Repair]
Minilogue – Space (Radioslave’s panorama garage remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
Joel Mull – WR2 [Railyard]
The Martian – Resurgence [Red Planet]
Nino Santos & Lightem – Everytime (London FM remix) [Re-wind]
Dosem – Together [Sino]
Dosem – Parallel fate [Sino]
Tadeo – Chord on chord [Labworks]
The Vision – Liberation radio [Underground Resistance]
Juju & Jordash – Deep blue meanies (Robert Hood Sci-fi mix) [Dekmantel]
Area Forty One – Raindrop prelude [Ann Aimee]
Tony Lionni – Body and soul [Madhouse]
Rejected – For the people (Ben Klock remix) [Rejected]
Mike Dearborn – New dimension [Muzique]
Jeff mills – Something in the sky 007 B2 [SITS]
Convextion – Oil on metal [Time to express]
Claude Young – Brutal 2 [Djax up beats]
Convextion – Solum ferrum (extended version) [Down Low Music]
Minilogue – The leopard (Extrawelt remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
Cassegrain – Luban [Prologue]
Alpha 303 – Daydreamer [Orbis]
Terrence Fixmer – Dance like a paranoid (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Electric Deluxe]
Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Sweet narcoses [Respekt]
Robert Hood – Alpha [M-Plant]
Jeff Mills – To protect and to obey [Axis]
Bryan Black – Black Asteroid (engine 1) [CLR]
Emika – Count backwards (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Ninja Tune]
Nick Dunton – Between worlds (Sandwell District remix) [Surface]
Emmanuel Top – Cyclic [Planete Rouge Records]
The Parallel – Nanotech [Komisch]
Robert Hood – Run [M-Plant]
Emptyset feat. Cornelis Harris - All together lost (Ben Klock glowing clap mix) [CLR]
Dino Sabatini – My second life [Prologue]
Giorgio Gigli – Spazio [Prologue]
Dosem Dabasics [Sino]
South Union - Stage 2 (Taho remix) [Lumina]
Tommy Four Seven – Verge (orignal) [CLR]
Area Forty One – Cumulonimbus [Ann Aimee]
Monobox – Downtown [M-Plant]
Unbroken Dub – Untitled dubs A1 [Rawax]
Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 4 [Prologue]
Legowelt – Furniture [Strange Life]
Faster – Omego [Kurbits]
Patrick Walker – Phase linear [Dynamic Reflection]
Jeff Mills – Detections of an unknown force [Axis]
Slam – The tritone [Paragraph]
Giorgio Gigli – Self reflection [Prologue]
The Nighttripper – Tone exploitation (Ken Ishii remix) [Underground Liberation]
Lutzenkirchen – Dread phase (Hertz remix) [Mutal respect]
Hertz – Manic [Respekt]
Roman Lindau – Avide [Fachwerk]
Mike Dehnert – Isolateur [Fachwerk]
Vril – UV [Ostguton]
Cosmin TRG – Lillasyster [Rouge Trade]
Vizar – The time (Ness remix) [Jato Unit]
Jeroen Search & Marcus Suckut – Jsms 4.3 [Figure]
Sigha – Over the edge (Shifted remix) [Our Circula Sound]
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Unvulnerable prototype [Zooloft]
Jeff Mills – Guidance [Axis]
Jeff Mills – Indications [Third Ear]
Suburban Knight - Mau Mau (The Spirit) [Underground Resistance]
Greg Gow – Twilight soul [Transmat]
Silvershower – Ice fractions 2.2 [Plus 8]
Voidloss – Moments of total emptiness [Dynamic Reflection]
Rob Alcock & Nick Wilson – Traces (Fumiya Tanaka remix) [Continual]
Jeff Mills – Something in the sky 007 B2 [SITS]
Norman – The green room [Kickin]
Jeff Mills – Spiral therapy [Axis]
Plastikman – Smak [M_nus]
Convextion – Live set cut Coolex [?]
Staffan Linzatti – Assembler [Searchlights]
The Martian – Ultra violet images [Red Planet]
Surgeon – Death before surrender [Downwards]
Planetary Assault Systems – function 1 [Peacefrog]
Literon – White falls [Not on Label Literon]
Jeff Mills – Veilles d’armes (the trouble we’ve seen) [Axis]
Pacou - All it takes [Cache]
Oscar Mulero – In a silent way [Pole]
Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Shed remix) [Dolly]
A Clockwork Orange OST – Record Store [?]
Jiskefet – Technofax [Double T music]

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Stroef production @ Soundcloud

Stroef production on Discogs 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dj Skurge @ Redbull Musica Aademy Radio

DJ Skurge first got noticed DJing for East Detroit's Cabaret crowd, where UR's Mad Mike took note of his deep music knowledge. He soon became an integral part of camp UR, playing in Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Interstellar Fugitives, The Aquanauts and joining Juan Atkins in Model 500. He is deeply ingrained in the lore of Detroit city, making him a natural addition to the Underground Resistance folder. His stern dedication to the crafts has seen him take on the role of musical director in many projects, while he somehow found time to release some genre bending EPs of his own while recording with The Aquanauts and the current Model 500 crew. But for all the time spent being the self proclaimed "tall guy in the back, in the shadows" for these musical projects, he is still a DJ at heart.

+++ tracklist +++

Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino - International Deejay Gigolo
Shifted Phases - Solar Wind - Tresor
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Dr. Bootygrabber (Mr. O's Miami Mix) - DetEleFunk
Chris 214 - The Manglers - Touchin' Bass
The Wee DJs - Shut Up - Digital Distortions
Submersible Machines - Blue Hole - Lunar Disko Records
Erik Travis - The Beat That You Love - F.A.C.T. Records
I-F - Moonbase Next To G. - Interdimensional Transmissions
ERP - Vox Automation - Frustrated Funk
Composite Profuse - RXX - MinimalRome
Agent Patrick & Data - Boogie Down Detroit (Original) - Southern Outpost
Espion - Witches - Bass4Bots
Aux 88 - I Need To Freak (Microknox Vocal Remix) - Direct Beat
Insektoid - Uncalculated Motion In Space - Mikrolux
Fix - Killmode - Electrofunk Records
D.I.E. - Programming - Clone
DJ Skurge - Untitled - White
Faceless Mind - Herr Furste - Lunar Disko Records
Ion Diver - A4 - Digital Distortions
UR - Death Of My Neighborhood - Underground Resistance

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Chris from MNML SSGS presents “Dash forward, bravely!”

Chris Hobson is one of the founders of the legendary mnml ssgs blog, listen his music is always a great experience into electronic music...

Chris from MNML SSGS presents “Dash forward, bravely!”
direct link  here

+++ tracklist +++

Jürgen Müller – “Jenseits Des Stromes” [Digitalis Recordings]

Pedro Magina – “Miyagi” [Not Not Fun Records]
Sand Circles – “Stellar Waves” [Not Not Fun Records]
Maria Minerva – “Hagasuxzzavol” [100% Silk]
LA Vampires Goes Ital – “Streetwise” [Not Not Fun Records]
Oni Ayhun meets Shangaan Electro [Honest Jon's Records]
LB – “Jealous Guy (Poeme Syncope)” [KK Records]
Crystal Castles – “Empathy” [Fiction Records]
Ekoplekz – “Thermodub” [Mordant Music]
Borngräber & Strüver – “Berlin Tribal Music” [M=minimal]
Roll the Dice – “The New Black (live)” [Leaf]
Bee Mask – “Causes and Cures” [Spectrum Spools]
Palms – “Boundary Waters (Gavin Russom remix)” [Rare Book Room Records]
Rene Hell – “Chamber Forte” [Type]
Delia Gonzalez w/ Gavin Russom – “Black Spring” [Astralwerks]
Mist – “Mist House” [Spectrum Spools]
The Miracle – “Breathe” [House Anxiety Records]

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mnmlssgs blog page

Chris Hobson info @ Resident Advisor

Pontone Web page


Dany Angelelli // Svarionipremeditati Podcast #009 [10.09.2011]


Dany Angelelli // Svarionipremeditati Podcast #009 [10.09.2011]
Born into a family of musicians, he approaches the world of DJing at the age of 13 years and after several years of hard work to define his mixing technique, Dany has playes for first time in a rave in 1992. Dany has gone through many experiences in the Roman scene… Insanity, Arisottontreno, Hypnosis, Bresaola, Kill the Rose, Global Event...
2006, dany plays as warm up for Lory D every saturday night, stay on safe keep moving around the Roman underground scene in subsequent years. In 2010 Dany began a collaboration with the label Ibicencan / Spanish Submoover Records and released the Alchemy of Technology Ep.
+++ tracklist +++

Orlando Voorn- Imagine It [O.V. Soundcloud Exclusive]
Raffaele Attanasio - Der Pianist [Night Vision]
Kazuya Kawakami - Lilac [6ONE6]
Art Bleek- The 3rd Room (2 AM) [Room Wiht A Wiev]
Alexxei n Nig - The Last Romance [Exprezoo]
E383 - Solace (Alan Oldham Rmx) [Hypnotic Room]
Claudio Mate - Echo Poems Dub [Modelisme Records ]
Roberto Bosco - On The Sand [Night Vision]
David Crespo - Detroit is in The Space]
Ground Loop - Ampersand (i) (Lucy Rmx) [Gynoid Audio]
Claudio Mate - Echoreshape (Roberto Bosco Rmx) [Modelisme Records]
Corrugated Tunnel - Metallic Keys // Night Vision]
Alexxei n Nig - Not That Known (Brendon Moeller Reshape) [Exprezoo]
Skudge - Void [Echocolour]
Dany Angelelli - Echoes of Soul [submoover Records]
Dany Angelelli - Plasmatic [submoover Records]
Orlando Voorn - Random [Night Vision]
Raffaele Attanasio - B2.1
Vasco Ispirian - Step Ahead [Team Records]
Voltergeist - Guillemot Rock [Microrave Records]
Terrence Dixon - One Bedroom Apartment [Shanti Records]
Near Earth Object - Robotics [66Khz Production]
Parallel - Symmetrical [Balans Records]
Dylab - Pattern Write [Hand Made Acid]
Jamex Soul Boy - Induction (Samuel l Session Rmx)
The Nightripper - Tone Exploitation [Underground Liberation Holland]
Reference - Another Place [Planet E Communication]
Format #1 - Solid Session (Benny Rodrigues Rod Rmx 2011) [Night Vision]
Format #1 - Solid Session Original [Esp Records]

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Alan Oldham aka Dj T-1000 @ Upside Down [1994]

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Vito Arpino @ ITALIAN's GROOVE on EGROOVE.FM [10.09.2011]

Vito Arpino @ ITALIAN's GROOVE on EGROOVE.FM [10.09.2011]
direct link here

+++ tracklist +++

Giorgios Gatzigristos - Troid (Darko Esser Deeptroid Mix) [Manual Music 053]
Andrey Zots â Useless // [Arma 001]
Benjamin Brunn - I Took Her Out For A 707 [Ashes]
Nick Harris - Fourteen Miles [NRK Music]
Frank Roger And Mandel Turner â Reality [Real Tone Records 049]
Arkaltz - Vitoria Gastelz
Jerome Sydenham Feat. Atjazz - Natural Spray [Ibadan Records]
Kris Wadsworth - Crushed (Tevo Howard Remix) [NRK Music]
Second Hand Satellites - Orbit 1.3 [Hallucination (HAL 013)]
Italojohnson - Untitled
Shlomi Aber - Who Say That [Be As One]
Sian - Are You Reading This (Dvs1 Remix) [Octopus Records]
Zadig â Remix

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Dj Arpino Soundcloud page

Arpino Promo 2009

ASC @ Smoke Machine // UNCOVER series Podcast #04

ASC aka James Clements [Auxiliary, NonPlus+, Exit ]

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