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Jemb - SvarioniPremeditati Podcast #008 [14.07.2011]

It was the summer of 2007 when, returning from Sonar, I started writing the first post on the blog premeditated blunders.

The name, title of the blog came to me spontaneously ... I wanted to link these two words to a collective image linked to electronic music

... Svarioni Premeditati…

was one of those words that I carried inside by the time zone Dope of Livello 57 in Bologna.

Svarioni Premeditati is the title of a piece of DJ Gruff, establishment of Italian hip hop and its slang marked the road for all those who came after ... bologna, zona dopa, L57, ganja and blunders clearly premeditated ...

This history of the name svarioni premeditati ...

Going back to 2007 i remember the first post was dedicated to my experience at Sonar Festival...

But the real turning point of the editorial blog is the collaboration of gennaro tosto aka vonboot that picks up all the publishing organization and began working steadily on research and dissemination of content through the pages of the blog.
Today, thanks to the immense work of gennaro, blog Svarioni Premeditati is a container full of info, links, photos and electronic music culture.
So you can understand how much I care for this project and prepare this podcast has not been easy.
We always think of replicating atmospheres dance hall but not always the best solution.

I missed this kind of vision and making me breathe, I let go only by the sense of friendship and respect for the person who made this possible, my special friend Gennaro.
I know that I will be criticized by Gennaro because this set has no taste about techno that he likes ... but it’s ok…

there is love in the air ...
Respect the Silence // Save the Underground



Jemb - SvarioniPremeditati Podcast #008 [14.07.2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Frivolous - Allen Town Jail –
Lauhaus - Cremita –
Daria - Gauchito Gil
dOP - After Party (Mas Collective)
Ray Okpara - Ruled By The Tides
Boris Horel - I Love You So [Dub Mix]
Agaric - Love Dope
The Cheapers - Being Eaten -
Cesar Merveille w/ Guti - Maayancholy
Mathias Kaden - Ikenga [Dj Koze's Kosi/San Remix]
Savas Pascalidis - Deep Inside Your Eyes [Abe Duque Mix]
Tom Dazing w/ Gols - 60.000
One Hand - New Day
SoulPhiction - Who to Call

Jemb's biography

Sgobba Giacomo aka JemB started his dj experience in Bologna the early '90s through the experience of Radio K Centrale and production program KONTAINER djset. JemB in addition to the radio project has worked closely with LINK (, historical multicultural center of Bologna, where he enriched his background and where he is confronted with many DJs and producers ...
To remember the project "COOLER" @ Link where Jemb with the collaboration of Alessandro Merola and other jazz musicians gave birth to a musical journey of the highest quality. The passion for electronic music brings JemB more and more towards techno sounds. Thanks to the friendship of Arpino(djarpino) and Djs such as Doraemon, Jemb involved in the project LAB080.
Today Jemb works closely with the blog "Svarionipremeditati" and continues his search through the sounds of techno. Has created a studio label BUNKER where together with friends developing and producing various projects related to electronic music ever.

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Jemb Mix production @ Soundclouds

Jemb Mix production @ Samurai FM

Jemb profile @ RA

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