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Vito Arpino - Rhizome // Svarionipremeditati Podcast # 004 [20.04.2011]

Vito Arpino - Rhizome // Svarionipremeditati Podcast # 004 [20.04.2011]

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Arpino's career took off towards the end of the Eighties, when he linked himself to the emergent techno and house scene from Detroit and Europe, in particular Germany. Between 1990 and 1995, he was greatly influenced by other genres, including hip-hop, jazz, jungle, techno and house music. He also became an active member of renowned European club FEZ, where he played as resident deejay. In addition, he has collaborated with italian musicians and bands like Zona 45, with whom he produced the track "Fine Millennio" (1994, right tempo), QuintettoX and FezCombo, acting as scratcher and electronic composer. In 1997 he co-founded the "Edmondo" project (Minus Habens Recordings) with electronic composer Diego Ragnini and eminent Italian trombone player Gianluca Petrella. In the same period he co-operated with rock bands, the most memorable of which was the self-produced project "Crystal Psyche Band", a fusion of electronic music and psychedelic sounds. In 1998, he founded the project "Kolinahr" togheter with Fabrizio Ippolito aka dj Doraemon. the result of which was the self-produced album "Meno3". Arpino continues to self-produce his work, the latest of which is his Boicot EP mix. He found togheter with dj lillo,dj doraemon and dj andrea fiorito the project "4 dialogue". He also is was a member of "LAB 080" collective and continues to play live as deejay with big names,including Luciano,FC Kahuna, M.I.A., Derrick May, Barem, Dub Kult and many others. In his live sets, he uses a laptop and Midi peripherals. The concept of live for him is a half way between a DJ and a musician: originial material, with other people's tracks mixed and reworked live. The live set is based on the interaction between tracks, sounds and samples played on the fly, according to the unique and variable needs of the people dancing at that moment. The live set are based on "dry" grooves, minimal and old style house. .. In 2009, he produced a new Promo with four tracks -> and collaborated with the director Alessio Giannone for the Film soundtrack - La Loggia di Pilato

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