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Stroef - De Lat Podcast [23.04.2011]

Stroef - De Lat Podcast [23.04.2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Endless – Sg8 [Electric Deluxe]
Ness – Diagnostic function [Prologue]
Luke Hess – Kratos [Echocord]
Summed & Dot – Eyewitness [All Inn]
Ditch – Funcup Reipian (Fumiya Tanaka remix) [Snork Enterprises]
CV313 – Substraktive (Echospace live dub) [Echospace]
Chymera – If not you who [Dirt Crew]
TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Always forever now (Chymera remix) [Compost]
Conforce – Joyless mind [Curle]
Kirk Degiorgio – Amongst the olive trees (Conforce Miami accent mix) [Flying Donkey Music]
Dario Zenker – St. Bulevar [Esperanza]
Kirk Degiorgio – Nairobi [New Religion]
Tony Lionni – Galaxia [APT]
Tadeo – Circunbalation III [Cyclical Tracks]
Norman Nodge – Body to body [Ostguton]
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar forest [Prologue]
Mike Parker – Subterranean liquid [Prologue]
O/V/R – Post traumatic son (Ben Klock Vibe mix) [Blueprint]
Redshape – Funny green hat [Poker Flat Recordings]
Ken Ishii – Pounding out (Virgil Enzinger Submerge remix) [?]
Alan Fitzpatrick – Xenomorph [Drumcode]
Mike Dehnert – Deep route [Deeply Rooted House]
Mike Dehnert – Klartext [Fachwerk]
Peter van Hoesen – Continued care [Komisch]
Dario Zenker – Belfort [Vakant]
Albert van der Abbe – NCS_0007121210 [Sleeparchive Remodel] [No Comment]
Cari Lekebusch – Spindizzy [Mote Evolver]
Diego – The Chord [Treibstoff]
Mike Dehnert – Framework [Fachwerk]
Samuli Kemppi – Orbiter [Komisch]
Coefficient – Parallel void [Labrynth]
Delta Funktionen – Theatre [Ann Aimee]
Oscar Mulero – Same shoes different streets [Warm Up]
Ness – Diagnostic imaging [Prologue]
Jeff Mills – Something in the sky 006 B1 [SITS]
Hadji – Strah [Prologue]
Modeselektor – Dancing box feat. TTC (Sleeparchive remix) [CLR]
Jerome Sydenham – In the zone [Drumcode]
Oscar Mulero – Horses [Warm Up]
Mike Parker – Ringing bass [Prologue]
Armando – Downfall (The Advent pay your respect mix) [Slap Jaxx]
Marco Carola – Fokus C2 [Zenit]
Elektrabel - GalaTic [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
V.A. – Out-takes A2 [Surface]
Oscar Mulero – Road to pleasure [Warm Up]
Marco Carola – Poison [One Thousand Records]
Schematic Tools – Kaltschweiss [PV]
Elektrabel – Converse [Kidz Luv Tekkno]
Oscar Mulero – Repeater [Warm Up]
Oscar Mulero – Taken the wrong way[Warm Up]

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