Saturday, February 12, 2011

SCAN 7 Presents Techno Brings People Together



Pressed and distributed by Prime Direct Distribution. + 44 (0) 20 8320 0988

The Compilation will feature the following artist.

Roberto Bosco - For My Old Friends
Trench - Pause
Thomas Barnett - Naughty Time
The Advent - Moonshine
Tim Baker - Detroit Dip
Sean Deason - Awakening
SCAN7 N.O.L.T.T. // Murat Rmx
Oscar Mulero - 2008
MinimalRome - TeslaSonic // Sectio Aurea
Jay Denham - Just Believe //sunset mix
HD Sustance - Hart Plaza
Gary Martin - Absent Cocktail
Detroit Techno Militia - Midnight madness
DetroitRocketScience - Recharged
Children Of The Resistance - Human Impluse.mp3
Black Fu- 5morereason2run // Funkintellektroublemakin
Bhonz - Argo
Antwon Faulkner - Maschine
Andrew Red Hand - Jassyd
Aaron-Carl - Rain // AC's Detroit Mix Instrumental

Techno Brings people together // Sean Deason megamix


full track preview @ soundcloud -> here

DETROIT - Cratesavers International LLC exposed:
Detroit's top-secret electronic music label, Cratesaver Muzik, has now launched it's new international label, Cratesavers International LLC. The new label is dedicated to promoting the art of DJing all over the world.

Cratesavers International LLC was founded by Trackmaster Lou, one of Detroit electronics music hardest working producers and performers. He has over 20 years of experience making records in the industry and has observed the proper way to manage a label. Trackmasta Lou, has released records on Underground Resistance, Tresor, Soma, Fcom, End to End, Elypsia, Btrax Records and Pow Wow Records. Scan 7s EP I am From Detroit," with the B-side "You Have the Right," were on display at The Detroit Historical Museum. Located in Detroits Gift to the World" The artifact is included in the worlds first techno exhibit.
Lou believes in preserving the art of having a crate, and the actual culture of DJing and digging for records. He likes the old school feel of street teams and the intimacy of flyering.

Cratesavers International LLC is strictly for seasoned DJs who have accepted the mission to overthrow the collective of weak track dropping DJs. Refusing to pigeonhole their sound selection, Cratesavers International LLC accepts demos of all genres. The minimal requirements are good music, and that the talent can play live.

The new website for Cratesavers International LLC is upcoming and will be available soon.



Originally born in late 80's, SCAN 7's first release, "Voices Beyond", came out on the Submerge compilation, "Escape into The Void". They unleashed projects such as "Introducing SCAN 7" and the "Undetectable" EP, both on Underground Resistance, as well as an exclusive "S.I.D" EP, entitled "Invisible Thoughts".

TrackMasta Lou's first contact with Tresor came from doing tracks for the Blake Baxter Comp., and his outstanding work with UR. He proceeded to release many rare records on the famous Tresor compilations. Later, TrackMasta Lou put out two collectable albums with Tresor, "The Dark Territory" and the "Resurfaced" album. Both were laced with a deep dark dose of classic Detroit style Techno, with the imprints of the SCAN 7 trademark drums.

TrackMasta Lou then went on to form, what is now the legendary SCAN 7 Live Act! The group is famous for its ninja-like appearances, often dressed in black flight suites with black masks and hats. They use code names to protect their true identification. They believe it's not who you see, but what you hear, is the most important element in Techno...

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