Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jemb // Dark Mix // Svarionipremeditati Podcast # 002 [20.02.2011]

We are proud to present you a new svarionipremeditati podcast
a fresh Tech-House set from our friend Jemb aka Giacomo Sgobba


Jemb // Dark Mix // Svarionipremeditati Podcast # 002 [20.02.2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Zeitgeist - Valium [3rd Wave Music 056]
Deetron, Seth Troxler - each step acapella [Circus Company 045]
Pele - my boogie [Get Physical Music 038]
Alex Sander - nuit [Kill A Beat Records 020]
Findling, Lihab - shaft of sunlight [Get Physical Music 038]
Maziar - No Ostacles (Yapacc rmx)
Joel Mull - danny boy [Truesoul 1226]
Mark Henning – lucky j (Jamie Jones rmx) [Cityfox 009]
Joel Alter – silente is golden (Daniel Stefanik rmx) [Bass Culture Records 013-6]
Popof – Way Machine [FORM Music 07]
Samuel L Session – the drum track [Material 027]
Samuel L Session – the horn track [Material 027]
Samuel L Session – the organ track [Material 027]
Heartik – Where 039s The Beat [Suara Showroom 012]
Mikalogic – cheese maker [Cr2 Underground Vol. 6]
Francesco Grant – ichar’s wing feat.Alex Petrelli [Resopal Schallware - Digi071]

Jemb's biography

Sgobba Giacomo aka JemB started his dj experience in Bologna the early '90s through the experience of Radio K Centrale and production program KONTAINER djset. JemB in addition to the radio project has worked closely with LINK (, historical multicultural center of Bologna, where he enriched his background and where he is confronted with many DJs and producers ...
To remember the project "COOLER" @ Link where Jemb with the collaboration of Alessandro Merola and other jazz musicians gave birth to a musical journey of the highest quality. The passion for electronic music brings JemB more and more towards techno sounds. Thanks to the friendship of Arpino(djarpino) and Djs such as Doraemon, Jemb involved in the project LAB080.
Today Jemb works closely with the blog "Svarionipremeditati" and continues his search through the sounds of techno. Has created a studio label BUNKER where together with friends developing and producing various projects related to electronic music ever.

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Jemb myspace page

Jemb Mix production @ Soundclouds

Jemb Mix production @ Samurai FM

Jemb profile @ RA

Chris [Mnml Ssgs] @ Input Selector 083

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brendon Moeller @ Field Recording 021 [11.02.2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Aphex Twin - Actium
Terry Riley - In C Remixed
Butane - Little Helper 11
Hakan Limbo - Part 5
Mogwai - Fear Satan - Surgeon Remix
Jan Driver - Hornet Beef
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
Claro Intelecto - Round Round
Jonas Kopp - In My Soul
Jeff Deringer - Tarantula - Claro Intelecto Remix
Terence Fixer - Things Are Over - Echologist Dub
Robag Wruhme - Bierholer
Prosumer - Daybreak
Mike Dehnert - Bitface
Conforce - Intimidation
Peter Horrevorts - Nymph
Subfractal - Out Of Control
Forward Strategy Group - Generics A

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

SCAN 7 Presents Techno Brings People Together



Pressed and distributed by Prime Direct Distribution. + 44 (0) 20 8320 0988

The Compilation will feature the following artist.

Roberto Bosco - For My Old Friends
Trench - Pause
Thomas Barnett - Naughty Time
The Advent - Moonshine
Tim Baker - Detroit Dip
Sean Deason - Awakening
SCAN7 N.O.L.T.T. // Murat Rmx
Oscar Mulero - 2008
MinimalRome - TeslaSonic // Sectio Aurea
Jay Denham - Just Believe //sunset mix
HD Sustance - Hart Plaza
Gary Martin - Absent Cocktail
Detroit Techno Militia - Midnight madness
DetroitRocketScience - Recharged
Children Of The Resistance - Human Impluse.mp3
Black Fu- 5morereason2run // Funkintellektroublemakin
Bhonz - Argo
Antwon Faulkner - Maschine
Andrew Red Hand - Jassyd
Aaron-Carl - Rain // AC's Detroit Mix Instrumental

Techno Brings people together // Sean Deason megamix


full track preview @ soundcloud -> here

DETROIT - Cratesavers International LLC exposed:
Detroit's top-secret electronic music label, Cratesaver Muzik, has now launched it's new international label, Cratesavers International LLC. The new label is dedicated to promoting the art of DJing all over the world.

Cratesavers International LLC was founded by Trackmaster Lou, one of Detroit electronics music hardest working producers and performers. He has over 20 years of experience making records in the industry and has observed the proper way to manage a label. Trackmasta Lou, has released records on Underground Resistance, Tresor, Soma, Fcom, End to End, Elypsia, Btrax Records and Pow Wow Records. Scan 7s EP I am From Detroit," with the B-side "You Have the Right," were on display at The Detroit Historical Museum. Located in Detroits Gift to the World" The artifact is included in the worlds first techno exhibit.
Lou believes in preserving the art of having a crate, and the actual culture of DJing and digging for records. He likes the old school feel of street teams and the intimacy of flyering.

Cratesavers International LLC is strictly for seasoned DJs who have accepted the mission to overthrow the collective of weak track dropping DJs. Refusing to pigeonhole their sound selection, Cratesavers International LLC accepts demos of all genres. The minimal requirements are good music, and that the talent can play live.

The new website for Cratesavers International LLC is upcoming and will be available soon.



Originally born in late 80's, SCAN 7's first release, "Voices Beyond", came out on the Submerge compilation, "Escape into The Void". They unleashed projects such as "Introducing SCAN 7" and the "Undetectable" EP, both on Underground Resistance, as well as an exclusive "S.I.D" EP, entitled "Invisible Thoughts".

TrackMasta Lou's first contact with Tresor came from doing tracks for the Blake Baxter Comp., and his outstanding work with UR. He proceeded to release many rare records on the famous Tresor compilations. Later, TrackMasta Lou put out two collectable albums with Tresor, "The Dark Territory" and the "Resurfaced" album. Both were laced with a deep dark dose of classic Detroit style Techno, with the imprints of the SCAN 7 trademark drums.

TrackMasta Lou then went on to form, what is now the legendary SCAN 7 Live Act! The group is famous for its ninja-like appearances, often dressed in black flight suites with black masks and hats. They use code names to protect their true identification. They believe it's not who you see, but what you hear, is the most important element in Techno...

Obtane @ Dcast001

Biography of Obtane aka Francesco Baudazzi - taken from Resident Adivisor Profile

Obtane/QuitQuiteQuick is a techno artist from the italian west-coast, owner of Zooloft, a techno label devoted to conceptualism and abstract form.
When his ears began to capture audio signals, he starts to listen and love disco, funk, soul, fusion and Chicago house, while he was discovering the more experimental and obscure side of electronic music like EBM, minimal wave and IDM. Then the start of djing, in 1994, playing dub-techno like Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, us and swedish techno (first of all Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer and Thomas Krome) and dark electro (from Drexciya, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Underground Resistance to the italian pioneers of the Finalfrontier distribution), hunting vinyls in several shops like Mandragora Dischi (little but epic shop based in Brescia, IT) and Optimal Schallplatten (Munich, D). At the end of 2006, after about 10 years of djing, he starts the producer side, as co-founder of Equilibria Records, an electronic dance music label of the west-coast that started to follow the european standards and feelings. He had his official debut as producer on the label itself with the “Cosmic Crossdresser” release, that featured 2 reinterpretations of the canadians Tractile, getting a positive feedback from the german magazine De:Bug and support from the guys of Clink, the swedish Staffan Linzatti and others. In January 2008, he runs his own label Zooloft. With his new label project he got positive feedbacks from people like Marc Ashken, Staffan Linzatti, Arnaud Le Texier. Frankie, Mossa, Matt Tolfrey, Todd Sines, Andre Crom, getting also a support of the first release by Magda and Troy Pierce. In the early 2008 he joins the well-known label Synewave with a debut release supported by Ellen Allien, Len Faki, Sian, Inaqui Marin and Jaumetic. After the summer of the same year, he released his first LP "Stuck on an artificial reality", a collection of 12 weird tracks, from cinematic electronics to loopy techno, inspired by horror b-movies, bdsm comics, odd sculptures and by the strangest things of the Earth.

Obtane @ Dcast001

Zooloft – Untitled
Raime – This Foundry (Regis Version)
Svreca – Obscur (Claro Intelecto Remix)
Peter Van Hoesen – Hope In Honesterror
Adam X – Downburst
Oscar Mulero – Palas
Obtane – Untitled
Traversable Wormhole – Traversing The Asteroid Belt (Function Remix)
Donor and Truss – Discern (Obtane Remix)
Mike Parker – Compression Blades
Giorgio Gigli – Memory Shadows
Giorgio Gigli and Obtane – Chemistry Of Human Life
Zooloft – Untitled
James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Erotic Misery
Svreca – Retina (Agony Forces Remix)
O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son
Northern Structures – Rotations
Raiz – Keep Secrets (James Ruskin Remix)
Obtane – Untitled
Perc & Modern Heads – Mendax
Obtane – Untitled
Samuli Kemppi – Linear Function
Mike Parker – Vesuvio Tremors (Original Mix)
Corpi Contusi – Untitled
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Chemistry Of Human Life (Abstract Narrative Edit)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Research: Heinrich Mueller

from Drexciya Research Lab

Heinrich Mueller Remixes
read full story here

Heinrich Mueller Remixes part 2
read full story here

other resorces about Heinrich Mueller from Drexciya Research Lab
read full story here

VLR aka Livar Særheim - Research: Heinrich Mueller

VLR aka Livar Særheim - Research: Heinrich Mueller
Direct link here

+++ tracklist +++

Der Zyklus - Optical Fingerprint Correlation
Arpanet - NTT DoCoMo
Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Arpanet Remix)
Dopplereffekt - Hyperelliptic Surfaces
Arpanet: Großvater Paradoxon
Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation
AIR - Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi (Dopplereffekt Remix)
Arpanet - Event Horizon
Japanese Telecom - Enter Mrs. Suzuki
Station Rose - Dave (Heinrich Mueller: Stanley Kubricks Vision Mix)
Dopplereffekt - Pornoactress
Japanese Telecom - The Making of Ultraman
Tuxedomoon - What Use (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix)
Japanese Telecom - Nipponese Robots
Dopplereffekt - Scientist
The Hacker - Fadin' Away (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
Arpanet - Probability Densities
Ar2D - Inside The Rock (Heinrich Mueller Anti De Sitter Space Mix)
Japanese Telecom - Mounting Yoko
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
ScanX - Wasteland (Prototype 2 by Dr Finn & Otto Henke)
Glass Domain - Fairy
Intellitronic - Pixel
Arpanet - Software Version
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler
Kavinsky - Arpanet Nightdrive Rework
Le Car - Cinematic Automatic (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino

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VLR aka Livar Særheim production on Soundcloud

Interview with Heinrich Mueller of Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Der Zyklus etc from Red Bull Music Academy Radio (August 2010)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ben Sims - Machine 1 Promo Mix [Feb 2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Contakt - Not Forgotten/Rolando's Vno Mix // Local Action
Jerome Sydenham - Amp // Drumcode
Aitor Ronda - Mai Tek/Paul Mac Remix // Drakos
Ben Sims - Machine Funk // Unreleased
Robert Hood - Power To Prophet // Mplant
Pattern Repeat - 004bside // Pattern Repeat
Anthony Shake Shakir - Travelers/Mrsk Remix // Rush Hour
The House Nerds - Mystery Bells // House Nerds Audio
Steve Strawberry - 5 %/Mark Broom Remix // Beardman
Ben Sims - Unity // Unreleased
Robert Hood - The Family // Mplant
Alex Dolby and Santos - Eturia // Viva
Mark Broom - Satalitte // Beard Man
Boys Noize - Trooper/Robert Hood Remix // Boysnoize
Ben Sims - The Afterparty // Unreleased
Skudge - Phantom // Skudge
Ben Sims -Living In The City // Unreleased
Mark Broom - Untitled // Unreleased
Sou Tai - Unknown // Unreleased
Ben Klock - Wolf // Ostgut Ton
Soul Designer - The Soul Is Back/Luke Slater Remix // Third Ear
Sandwell District - Hunting Lodge // Sandwell District
Mark Broom - Redial // Beard Man
Kris Wadsworth - Deep Inside // Dark Energy
Ben Sims - As If // Unreleased
Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude/2011 Mix // Gem
Trevor Rockliffe and Joe Brunning - Jack Back // Unreleased
Lighter Thief - Time Is Now // Unreleased
Ben Sims - Big Lucky // Hardgroove
Nebraska - Green Marimba // Smooth Agent
Harvey Mckay - Nano // Soma 


Philip Row vs. Fabio Agostini @ Link, Bologna [04.12.2010]

Larry Levan @ Paradise Garage 1985

Larry Levan @ Paradise Garage 1985

Kowton @ Ssg Special [30.01.2011]

+++ tracklist +++

Instra:Mental - Lets Talk (Nakedlunch)
Kowton - Drunk On Sunday (Idle Hands)
Szare - Snake Cave (Horizontal Ground)
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (Skull Disco)
Kowton - She Don't Jack (Idle Hands)
Kowton - Never Liked Dancing (Idle Hands)
Geeman - Rubberband 2 (Jack for Daze)
Levon Vincent - Six Figures (Novel Sound)
John Swing - Play Records (Relative)
Omar S - Just Ask The Lonely (FXHE)
Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt (Kif Music)
Kyle Hall - Dr Girlfriend (Wild Oats)