Monday, July 13, 2009

Orlando Voorn Summer June Mix 2009

Orlando Voorn Summer June Mix 2009
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+++ tracklist +++

Steve Silk Hurley “Jack Your Body’-Underground
Mr Fingers “Can You Feel it”-Trax
Orlando Voorn”Power of Beauty”- Divine (OUT SOON!)
Aaron Carl “I refuse”- Wallshaker Music
Rob Glennon “Bassshifter” Orlando Voorn Remix”- Nice & Nasty
Rishi Bass & Franklin Rodriques”Cobra”(Dj Madskills Snakepit Dub)- Masal 020
Orlando Voorn “Yes We Can” Zule Remix-Night Vision
Subotic “The Bomber”-Divine (tba)
Wyndell Long “House Moves”-Elaktrax
The Parrallel”Spectral”-ChymeraRemix-Static Recordings
Steve Parker-Crawling” Original Mix-hEJ Records
Jamie Anderson & Owain K”freerider”(Soul Minority’s Morning remix-Evelation
Derrick May”nUDE photo”-Transmat
Unknown -White label
The Florian Muller Project”Kool.Friends & Mr Eliez-Divine(tba)
Orlando Voorn”Angles” Dave Ellesmere Remix-Nice & Nasty
Radioslave” RJ”
Osborne’Wait a minute(instr) Spectral

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