Friday, May 15, 2009

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz (Live) @ Metamorphose 05

Refering to his legendary Galaxy 2 Galaxy EP [UR-025]this name has been used for the tracks Journey Of The Dragons and Hi-Tech Jazz in several compilations, instead of crediting "Mad Mike" Banks himself.

From 2005, the name will now be used to gather various members of Underground Resistance playing live, using the same concept as Timeline. This new live band is born to commemorate the Tsunami Disaster Relief. and includes such notables from the UR stable as Santiago Salazar, DJ Dex, Gerald Mitchell, Raphael Merriweathers Jr. and Mike Banks.

Galaxy 2 Galaxy [UR-025]

+++ Tracklisting +++

The Dream
A1 Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)
A2 Hi-Tech Jazz (The Elements)

The Journey
B1 Journey Of The Dragons
B2 Star Sailing

The Search
C1 Astral Apache (Star Stories)
C2 Deep Space 9 (A Brother Runs This Ship)

The Last Transmission
D1 Rhythm Of Infinity
D2 Metamorphosis (The Creation Of I.S.F. Unit ZC-121861 Stardate: 05 30 93)

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