Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Electronic Explorations 357 - Donor

Greg Schappert (aka Donor) is a DJ/Producer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Having lived in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo and Brooklyn, where he currently resides, Greg has acquired quite a few musical influences. However, it was the mid to late 90’s sounds of cities such as Birmingham and Detroit that laid the foundation for what originally sparked Greg’s interest in electronic music and for what would later influence his production.

Container podcast [49] Max Durante

MAX DURANTE is the best Italian electro/techno DJ/producer, he is the true ELECTRO pioneer since the 80's and one of the creators of the true italian techno, he is one of the hinges of the 90's, of the rave generation. He has performed in the best Italian RAVE from 1990 to 1994.
From 1994 to 1998, Max was busy performing his DJ shows around Europe.
His sound and his presence have been fundamental for the Italian electro/techno scene. He has regularly played in the best clubs and in the best European festivals since 1992.

BOILER ROOM - The Legend of Lory D

To the heads that know, Lory D is up there with the all-time greats. One of the chief instigators of the ‘Sound of Rome’ – a phrase he’d later send up – in the 80s-turn-90s, he took the embryonic sound of Detroit and Chicago and splattered it together at velocity with various iterations of ramped-up European rave and hardcore, both as a producer and head honcho of the Sounds Never Seen label. His sets at 69, an infamous club situated just outside of Glasgow, are the stuff of legend (as you’ll read below);
take the adage about The Velvet Underground‘s legacy and repurpose it for an entire generation of Scottish DJs, producers and label owners and you’re close. The dude gets more juice out of a 303 than pretty much anyone else on earth, except maybe Aphex Twin. Even then, it’s a close call...[]

Sunday, March 01, 2015

I/Y mx.003/irakli cgn.artheater

Irakli was trained using Kalashnikovs and was sent to Saturn during the Space Race.

Later on he traveled back to Earth, where he trained as a human and a DJ.
Today you can find him mostly in Berlin, where he spends his time manipulating drones and hypnotizing people as the I of I/Y.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SNTWN Podcast 098 - CLFT Militia

CLFT analysis punches, admire, and punches techno beyond the clichés that the freeze.
Webzine, podcasts chain, event organizer, the crew Lyon CLFT Militia is now a recognized techno label.

«La musique est une arme non léthale, un des plus beaux instrument qu’il nous ait jamais été donné pour défendre nos idéaux.»

Independent Militia
Since Sept 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 037: D.Carbone

Davide Carbone - better known as D. Carbone, class ´87 - is a techno producer since his early ages.

His sound is rooted in the visionary decay of society that evolves into an acidic vision of life in general, accompanied by deep drones and glitch sonorities creating the raw and industrial, yet unique sounds.
During the past years, Davide has released on Labels like Planet Rhythm, Inner Surface Music, Dynamic Reflection and his own labels called REPITCH and 3TH.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Monument 70: NX1

Since their debut release in 2011, NX1 has put out some inspiring material on their own label (NX1) and others like Semantica, M_Rec and End of Dayz. The group consist of Samot and Surit, both with great interest in electronic music. The interest evolved into passion, and the passion evolved into techno music.

Secret Thirteen Mix 131 – Polar Inertia - Live Recording

"We are no one because we want to be no one,
And to be no one we have to be everywhere and nowhere"

Polar Inertia is a hazy entity formed in 2010, appearing at first as an electronic music act.
Operating like a White-Out, they have built up a fog that surrounds the nature of their activities.
Beyond the music and the records, the members of Polar Inertia are also the authors of texts, photographic works, printed artworks, videos and specific live performances for different context.
They have often been invited to contribute to various revues, editions or art books. Their course of creation thus takes the direction of a polymorphic artistic process, bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation.

Material ♕ Object Live In Paris

Material Object

"It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream. It is said that the world we live in is not a bit different from this."

Podcast 126 || RETINA.IT

From the underground music magazine a great podcast signed
[credit:] is Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono.
They met at the beginning of the 90's where both engaged in various neapolitan clubs.
After discovering to have the same interests, tastes and bents on music, they decided to create something together. In '94 they met dj Rino Cerrone and together they gave birth to the Qmen, one of the first Tekno Neapolitan project. With this name the trio sent to press 3x 12" with italian and foreign labels.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brando Lupi "Intersec7ions" 21/07/2014

Producer, musician, dj, photographer, Brando Lupi’s influences range anywhere from post industrial-rock, experimental electronic to modern classical.
The Italian native has had a history working alongside a number of talented artists.
He's the owner of the label Detune Records,founded in 2000.
Brando’s releases have been picked up by the likes of Orange Groove , Kompakt , Samuvar , Dewtone Recordings , Field Records , Ultimae Records ,Mental Groove , Zooloft , Detune Records and Elettronica Romana.

Next Monday's Hangover Podcast #22 - Petar Dundov

What is techno?
Scientists and philosophers have long since pondered the concept of its musical definition since it burst out of Detroit in the mid-‘80s. Is it that notion of the “ghost in the machine”, of soul from electronics that its inventors elicited? Or is it more the repetitive throb and thump of 4/4 beats and slow-burning momentum that the Berghain generation are proponents of? Croatian producer Petar Dundov’s stunning music manages to marry both ideals in the most explosive of fashions.

Sonorous Episode #12 with Fabrizio Lapiana

Sonorous Episode #012 Fabrizio Lapiana

Sonorous presents the twelfth appointment with the heroes of techno. We are proud to announce our next upcoming episode, the podcast of the talented Fabrizio Lapiana [ Attic Music ]

Submerged in both Djing and production, the Techno music born Fabrizio Lapiana looks to the future with his label "Attic Music". He started his career as a Dj back in 1994 influenced mainly by the early 90's sound of Rome and Detroit as well by the first european pioneers of electronic music.

Invite's Choice Podcast 238 - Marcel Heese

Marcel Heese was born in 1983 in a small town near Berlin. At the tender age of 17, he accidentally encountered electronic dance music for the first time, after hearing sets from Love Parade on the radio. Instantly catching the bug, he started getting deeper into it week by week, soon leaving commercial sounds behind him.

FACT Mix 482 - Shapednoise

Full article: - shapednoise
Shapednoise describes his sound as "grinding Electronics/Noise and Speaker Ripping Techno," and we're inclined to agree.

The Italian producer has a way of doing things to your speakers that you don't expect. His music's physical in the way that fevers and heartbreak and fear are physical, affecting every sense at once and casting a shadow over every inch of your periphery. He's got a background in audio engineering, and he uses it in the most effective possible sense.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Ashh IST present: Q 055 [ORGANIC podcast]

Ashh IST [Jemb, BlackPeachControll] ,in collaboration with Vonboot [Gennaro Tosto], works at the blog "Svarioni Premeditati”

Svarioni Premeditati blog was launched in 2007 by Gennaro Tosto, aka Vonboot (vj and electronic music lover) and Giacomo Sgobba, aka Ashh Ist (radio host and dj) as a simple attempt to diffuse the Culture of electronic music, following our roots and tastes with a specific focus on the Italian electronic scene and and being involved with Detroit techno scene too.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Donato Dozzy Hybrid @ GOA Excerpt

Few DJs and producers are as widely and universally acclaimed in techno circles as Italian Donato Dozzy. Never one to pay heed to the zeitgeist, he prefers to deal in hypnotic soundscapes that really take you on a trip.

Paul Boex & Tim Wolff Live At Awakenings Festival 2014

Established DJ, experienced producer, label-boss, event promotor and one half of one of techno’s most exciting collaborations around. A little over a decade after first involving himself with electronic music, Paul Boex is able to check the box next to all of those qualifications. Outspoken, driven and armed with an open mind and critical ear, he has developed a forward-thinking, hands-on approach to music; one he’s keen on sharing with all willing to listen.


Has several albums from KOMPAKT under the name KAITO.
11 years ago, he released the mega hit piece 'Special Life', which was also included in Francois Kevorkian's MIX-CD and created a sensation.
After that, he released the 2nd album "Hundred Million Lightyears", a long awaited album by dance music freaks.